Sweet beans

Is there a better method for sweet bean harvesting than running around c. Merika collecting oortian staff? Thanks!

Not really, just a change in planet but I think Cephonix is the best spot.

I find them all over. Just hoping maybe there was a higher tier with higher drops or something.

Making pies?

Of course ha!

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One way to go about it, harvest everything you see in addition to the sweet beans, sell it all and buy more on top of the ones you gather. You end up about doubling your bean take that way.

Alcyon has some awesome desert locations with loads of them… I’m not sure if the drop rate increases or not? And Galan is also abundant in them (but make sure you carry a torch as most of them are in the dark)

I forge myself “harvesters axes” for gathering. Ruby axe with autooot/torch/durability. So I can carry an atlas in the other hand with a bean in it.


They drop 2 per with max luck at merika

No drop rate increase (http://www.pfiffel.com/bl/drops/#sweet), but they are more abundant on higher tier planets. With shadow epic and lots of control they’re pretty safe to be around, cuttles only aggro when they’re right on top of you.

Kol Huroo is where I farm mine. Check Planet resources complete spreadsheet for which planets are theoretically the best.