Syndicate Public Mining Hubs

Come to Beservona PS Hub and go through the Oortain Syndicate Center Portal. There you will find our new public mining network. Currently 2 planets open 6 mines in total. Enjoy.


This is amazing! Thank you guys/gals for this service! Also love your gleam network

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Looks good! I will have to spend some points to visit bes but will definitely try these mines out

Can you personal mail you guy’s discord ?
I want to connect portal to the hub from our city :slight_smile:
We have around 15 active member in our city.

Let me know if its possible :blush:


Do gems regen fast enough in “public mining” areas?

No, just no. Even with everyone regen bombing… one person can clean out a whole mine, for at least a day.

Edit: But they do have multiple mines so, we shall see…

Yeah, I figured. Probably fine for people who like digging where others have kind of carved the path for them, I remember back in the day I would pick off the iron and copper from someone’s bomb mining runs. Felt like someone had moved a lot of useless rock for me.

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Right now we have a few mines. We will be adding more on each planet as time goes on. And if everyone would like I can run in and regen some of the bigger areas that have been mined. Soon we will by adding more planets. Some of the next planets have low gem % so they will be basically be portal rooms to the next planet worth making a full size hub.

The issue is, even with regen bombs (which only regen the stone)… is the gems still need to respawn, the timer is/was like 18 hours for gems (AFTER) the stone has regenerated… This may have changed some, but not enough to warrant the mine. I could easily go clear every mine you have out, every day and no one would be able to use them. Also this wouldn’t be a ■■■■ move, it would just be someone wanting to farm gems. Outside public mines, I can easily clear, 1-2k gems an hour… granted I no longer mine gems.

understood. but still the mines are here and we will try to have at least 8 mines on each planet.


Just checked the mines they are regenerated happy mining.


The main portal to the mining hubs from the oortian outlet mall has closed today. Will you be refueling it? I’ve been using the emerald mines pretty regularly.

edit: nevermind, I see you moved the hub entrance to the syndicate HQ. Thank you for keeping these running!

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Sorry I did not update that. We are moving a lot of stuff around. and those mines are going to be moved and supplied by another mining hub in the guild. I will let you know when and where. I will keep them fuel for you for now :slight_smile:

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Does anyone know if this is still working or how to find it?

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Ha no. They were turned into Iconic resource hubs and remodeled.

US East guardian or the hunt Hive can get you there. Still lots of mines inside.