T6 new Mob Farm, the easy way to get a lot of good loot

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Hi all,

As you probably know I was working on a new big project and I want to share with you that the project is finally done and I am proud of it as I did not see anything like this in Boundless so far.

I made a T6 Mob Farm that really works well. (On Kol Huroo)
You only need a lootstick, a stone slingbow, a good slingbow (in case a mob escapes the field) and a grapple.
It is way safer than the regular hunting parties as you will see in the video.

Also you don’t waste any good weapons/brews on this Mob Farm.
I will invite people soon to join us for easy T6 hunting.

Please watch the whole video to see how it works.

Hope to see you soon on my Mob Farm !


What an effort has been punt into that! Intresting concept, totally different from the classic running and platform hunts.


That is ingenious. Looks great!


I tip my hat to you Prozee, really love this!

The idea of a mob farm has always interested me, this is a really cool way of going about it :ok_hand:

Need more people like you pushing the limits of Boundless :fist_right::fist_left:


I love this idea! Can’t wait to use it for myself.

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Thanks a lot for the nice comments.
I will adjust a few more things today and expect to start inviting people as of wednesday next week.


Awesome work and setup… it will for sure give my Oortian a workout from all that running lol … It’s not the first mob farm but I do salute you for the hard work you put into it… It’s a time consuming task. Hope to be able to pop onto it to try my luck with some look… :slight_smile:

Is there a way to get to it or only by invite?

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I want to start with invites first and see how that works out. I don’t want to have any overlap with other hunts you see ?

Just took a look at your farm in person… sorry I was a bit curious and went to take a look… Nice work :slight_smile:

How are the drops collected? There’s a system at Fatal Falls that I might like to try out similarly

@Lunai2 from the video and from what I saw it looks like the lava kills them and you just run around with a loot stick to collect… you can also grapple the mobs into the lava which is encircled around each square lot where they spawn. The cuttles they fly into the lava walls… its a pretty clean setup to be honest :slight_smile:

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What if instead they fell into a dedicated killing chamber like the one at Fatal Falls into a central collecting system? That might make it easier to collect them and allow people to AFK at the farm with a loot stick

So when you hit them with 1 shot and then they die in the lava how much XP do you get? I’ve never tested that… Is it full or just partial or a tiny bit?

@Lunai2 that was done by another player but the only issue with that is someone has to be grappling all the mobs to fall down the shoot into the lava chamber… this one @SWProzee1 set it up in a way where they just spawn and either you can grapple them into the lava or they go in themselves when they start to charge you and the cuttles will fly into the lava walls. This way there is no need for someone to keep grappling them mobs and players can just run around collecting. :slight_smile:


@DaOne82 My idea is that they fall down into a funnel instead of the lava (some of the lava could still be there for the cuttletrunks just so they fall, the edges of the spawning platform could be chiselled to ensure that they fall into the hole correctly. No running involved and you could still farm in exactly the same way, but the collection method is different

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I like that idea as well @Lunai2… but my Oortian needs the exercise so a few laps around this mob farm will come in handy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@SWProzee1 question about your farm… I noticed in your video that you delete the beacon in order to activate the spawning… was that done on purpose to act as a system to turn off the spawn? or just to keep it private? Just curious questions that came to mind… :slight_smile:

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I created a little test similar to this back when I first started. I just found it more productive to get in on the platform hunts in the end. The amount of loot I got during the platform and running hunts just seem to far outweigh the loot from the farms like this. Albeit this is a bit safer.

Very similar to a modded Minecraft mod farm I used to make.

If I remember correctly you’ll want to use an emerald weapon for the things that escape. More dmg vs blast creatures.

Very cool farm, I really like those lava walls.

@DaOne82 I am unplotting them to get the spawns going, you saw that correctly :slight_smile:

@Alwin True, but they won’t escape anyway. All the creatures will die so we get the loot.

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