Tameable pet companions

I love mmo’s and working together with people but I still would love to be able to tame pet companions like the felynes in monster hunter

They would’t do much damage and couldn’t replace real players but would be helpful when hunting smaller creatures alone.

Some ideas:

  • Little dragon: Ignites the enemy with a small burst of fire
  • the felyne: Uses its weapon to steal items from players or cut of things like scales from creatures
  • the wolf: attacks the enemy with his sharp teeth and does medium damage

Every companion can be equipped with special armor.

Your thoughts guys?



they should make humanoid pet types and animal pet types, both are quite different, you described a humanoid in the picture :smiley:

I have been thinking about a pet which harvests or collects mined ressources. Although I believe it was fun in Minecraft to collect items oneself. And I’m not sure how elaborate it would be to give a pet bot like features with an AI.

We need Mr. Diggs from The Last Remnant.

he is so freaking awesome XD

Is that sort of a turbo digger? A power shoveler? Have an idea: This creature digs its way straight into the soil, for about 20 feet - and explodes. :blush:


but no, in TLR you have small gleaming areas with materials, you send out mister diggs to dig it up for you, the more you use it the higher level it gets and the more chance there is for getting rare mats or getting multiple mats. he is awesome

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NYAAAAH! I love how you used the Fylines from Monster Hunter as your example. It’s simply purrrfect!

these are the best videogame characters of all time :smiley:

It would be good to have different ways of obtaining the pets. A golem? collect clay. A dragon? Steal an egg from their nests.
I’d even say, let every monster be tameable. Just make it very difficult for the higher tier monsters.

They could even add different “containers” for your pets. Like a metal cage in the sea for your water pets.
Let’s make whole zoos^^


On the other hand we could need bags for pets like sattle pouches or backpacks … so we could add some space to our inventories . May be a bag let a pet be lesser effective in combat, so it is your choice if you want to have a fighting or carrying pet :wink:

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Pets could make a whole subsystem- they could do so much, and act like a peripheral power. I think detecting other players and mobs would be a super cool skill.
I’m not sure where I would place this on the To-do list though. Maybe if there’s a creatures 2 we could have pets?

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Someone else had the idea of the pet being a lightsource. I love that idea!

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Do you mean communicating fireflies?

why not just have the ability to tame most animals that are in the game???

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I was thinking like a glowing tortoise, but that works too.

A tortoise…maybe the fireflies would like the tortoise and gather around it, because it glows too. Until the tortoise blasts into a glowing freckly and colorful texture which causes the fireflys to burst away. Creature interaction.

in monster hunter theres a monster that attracts fireflies

I would like to see something like that as a pet-lightsource :slight_smile:


exactly my thoughts^^

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i would like animal taming to be a skill though, or beast taming rather, a person with high skill can tame and train an animal up as a mount, and he can then sell the mount to another person. that way you can have a player driven mount vendor.

The training and taming itself should be a skill but for example finding the appropriated egg should be possible for everyone.