Tech: Chest megastack!


Megastack of chests :open_mouth:


Would this function as a single chest or is it just a lot of chest placed upon each other.

can you actually open the lower chests or is it impossible since they are getting blocked? Badum tss


That would be awesome if it served as one mega chest to store things in.

Chests aren’t really going to stack like this, it’s one of Luca’s cool testing rigs :slight_smile:


I will now assume that all chests will spawn in this configuration :slight_smile:

But seriously That looks so good that I will probably use it for building walls and decorations.


It would be good if chests which are placed next to each other (maybe up to a size of 3x2x2) would auto merge into one chest.

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I like this idea, please do this. Or at least make it so we can put chests into the crafting menu and merge them.

A modular system for blocks like containers and such could work very well and leave a groundwork for crafting II, when we’ll probably want our machines interconnected anyway. Many minecraft mods involving pipes and connectors have done very well, and Space Engineers does a good job of it too.

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