Now that INF build is gone, we *need* containers please!

We need containers soon, please! Even if you manage to not die and loose all of your items in your bags, storage issues are a major problem! I’m having to stash gleam in beaconed vaults and manually break them again when I need them, and… don’t even get me started on my stone storage problems…

Please, I don’t know what stage of development containers are in, but even semi-functional containers that can safely store item stacks would be miraculous!


Oh my god yes pleaseee, I’m not the only one with this awful problem :frowning:


Vote for it too, but still guess our biddings will not change much on their timetable…

And damn, you got time to work things out xD that’s a lot 99ers. If you could skill, you’d be probably a mining master already :wink:

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I have an excavation project that is yielding absurd amounts of stone.

yes we need container, but i ask this so often and i still wait for it ^^
we need container and a bigger inventory.

post for this topic look here

pls fix pictures ^^ (jun 2015)

the first we still ask again here :wink: the second high priority we still have (jun 2015)

only a artwork, we still wait for the ingame feature (nov 2015)

and here the question again ^^ (jan 2016)

and here :wink: (jun 2015)

and here a funny dev pic for the chest ^^ (mar 2015)

i think we all wait for chest / container


It was not so bad when we had infinite placement. You could simply keep a block index somewhere and get anything you needed any time. The need is much greater now.

I’m well aware of older posts regarding the development of containers, I’ve been around awhile, too :wink:


What do you plan to do with all that stone :smirk:

I need stone for my castle/shrine on testus2 settlement :wink:. If I find a pile of crafted stone near by I won’t be dissapponted lol.

It’s taken me days to gather all the stone I need. They could make block breaking faster or something without infinity, they’re going to wipe our creations anyhow and its huge time sink.

P.S. What you making and where?

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I’m working on two projects in parallel. My excavation project is providing the stone for my own monument project right now, so I can’t really trade it to you just yet. However, my excavation project will likely yield more stone than I can use so I’ll keep you in mind for the excess stone.

My builds are on US2, -960, 72, -760.


I cracked up at this haha. And yes, I agree that the need is great now and that things have changed enough to warrant a new post. I think containers are planned in the next major update though, they’re probably full-steam ahead on that right now. Not saying they can’t redirect some resources to releasing containers first, just saying that’s the probable answer we’ll receive.


Yes!!! Thank you Havok,I’ve been waiting and waiting,but nothing is being done(from what I can see) about it. While I know you haven’t forgotten about containers,I thought if a place holder would be in the c++ beta or something but there’s been nothing. So I don’t know what you guys are planning,but who ever the developer for chest making is,you should probably make this your number one priority.

I think after this thread there will at least be a paragraph about it tomorrow in the weekly update^^


@Havok40k nice bro, looking great! I was just playing but certaibly if I’m not not by then I wouldn’t say no.
How long have you been working on that?!
Would have looked great near the settlement for players to find you and admire ;). Are you far from us?

Thanks, I’ve been working on it since day one of the c++ build. I am quite a ways away from the settlement, though.

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Yes, containers will be neat, but I think we all have to wait for the big update of the c++ beta. Or do you want to wait longer for that because you want chests now? :wink:

I never said “now”, only “soon”. And as we have seen with yesterday’s small update, it’s not necessarily true that it all has to come in one lump update now that the game is ported to c++. Either way, I’ve reached a point where it is impractical to continue playing.

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Just so you’re aware we’re on this, it’s coming.

Chests in Boundless are a bit more complex than you’d probably expect, relying on a lot of server-side database infrastructure shared with Portals and some other important features. Building a solid foundation for all of those features was our number one priority – we need to keep your stuff safe after all!


Thanks ben, glad to hear it!

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Yeah, definitely a big issue IMO. Its hard to have any sustained play (at least this is what I have found) as I keep running out of space to put the resources I’ve collected. Also makes resource hunting a lot more dangerous as you risk losing all your tools since you can’t store any backups at you base.

Not so much of an issue currently in the C++ build… if you die you just start again with all of the items you originally started the game with.

Well that’s a welcome change though I wonder if that’s just for testing purposes. Either way hopefully there will be a fix for the error 401 soon so I can try out the C++ build.