Technical requirements to get player-created content into the game?

What would the technical requirements be to get player-created content added to Boundless?

The final steps would of course require a BL dev to approve, finalize, & upload the files. Assigning XP & prestige values, as needed.

A lot of other games allow players to create new mobs, blocks, decor, skins, themes, buildings, dungeons, mini-games, etc and add them into the game (ie: Minecraft, Roblox, Tr*/=). Boundless is missing this ability, which keeps it in the corner. It would be nice to see fresh content added so it can flourish & it’s sandbox capabilities can be realized.

What would it take to get Boundless to that point? Is there possibly an open-source program on github that could be installed so that players could upload graphic files, then export the completed files for approval/installation by a BL dev? If the API is required for this, could it be installed/accessed via an app/program created for Boundless? What are the barriers that are preventing this from being implemented? Is it a dev decision? The engine? Servers? Current file formats/requirements? Languages used?

If anyone has any insight, the info is much appreciated (devs included).


I can add a little here, but a lot will depend on how the data is setup and if it is being fed data files. If things are not hard-coded and it is setup like this it could be as simple as editing some data files for some less complex modding. Like changing crafting times, runs speed…etc.

Having done some modding in another game (Unity-based) the more complex things like graphics overhauls and additional blocks, mobs, themes, mini-games and other things would require a lot of developer input if it hasn’t been planned for or setup prior.

I am sure someone can chime in here with a lot more info as I have mostly done editing of XML, JSON, and some LUA in other games for modding.


They’ve already done this, right?

They remixed the cosmetics a bit from the contest but with the right licensing in place they were able to take some user created content and put it into the game.

I don’t think they did take user files directly into the game in any way though, they gave out the shapes but in the end they made the game files. Having the exact tool to make the fully layered/featured (game-usable files) might not save them any actual time or effort.

I’m sure they could streamline some sort of workflow but it is definitely a workflow (time cost).

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I don’t consider a one-time contest with paints and UV maps comparable to what other sandbox virtual world type games offer, in terms of adding user content. The utilitarian mods users created, that were added in, are a bit closer - but those are super rare. It would be nice to allow people to add blueprints/builds, mobs, bosses, flora, weapons, decor items, etc. I’m just curious what the missing technical links/steps are to get there.


Nah just pointing out that it’s definitely possible for something like this to happen - due to the fact that the basic steps required have already been “showcased”.

We aren’t talking about the same things, but that’s okay. I hear what you’re saying & I’m glad they did add in some extra paints. :+1:

While i like the idea… Its very i likely you get mods like In minecraft example… Mainly cause everything is connected together…

I mean ye we have sovereigns but those are still connected To perma worlds.

So if someone makes a mod Where you can example have endless amount of energy Or Maybe a wallhack of some sort.

Aint that kinda cheating?

I mean ive seen shady stuff here that devs have Approved apparrantly as they didnt lift they finger For those… (example the one Where you can see meteor names from like other Side of the planet (ye not quite but it was Pretty ridicilous distance away) . I mean thats like For me is alrdy not fair play.

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Discussing the technical details of file formats and software is both premature and a waste of time when the whole idea hinges on the presence of an active development team to receive, approve and manually insert player-created content into the game.

There is no currently no such team, and based on recent history it appears very unlikely that there ever will be. If they don’t have the resources even to release their own content, they are certainly not going to hire a team just to integrate content submitted by us.

The only possible answer to “What format should player-created content be submitted in?” is “Whatever works best with the development team’s content creation process”. And unless a dev shows up to answer that question (which is unlikely), any guesswork on our side is of no practical significance.


Fair. I’d still like to know so I could have a ballpark idea of the resources it might require (financial, time, etc) to close the gap and get there. I’m not talking about file formats though - we do already have some of that info. I’m interested in the overall technical hurdles/gaps required to get to a certain point.

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On a side note, having recently returned to playing WoW again, I’ve noticed that the Devs for it actively encourage macros and mods.
I wish stuff like that would be as easy for boundless.
And I’d love some player created content.
I know some people like @HOST and @Goblinounours would love to add more furniture.


It’d definitely be cool if there was a modding framework in place, although I guess there’ll always be some element of hold up/restriction due to the fact it’s on PS consoles. I feel like that would be the biggest sticking point for this topic unless the content was made by and sourced from players, then periodically collected, vetted and finally added to the base game as part of a generic content update.

Also, I guess it would have a big dependency on just how much data space they have available. I’m pretty sure user created block types will never be a thing (based on past discussions around the limited number of block ids), but I don’t know if the same applies to meshed items (as in: are/could the ids for these stored in a large number format that would allow more unique items to be added?).

P.S. Yes, I know a few games have managed to break through that limitation, but Turbulenz is no Bethesda. Also I’d think this kind of game (with a pegi 7 rating) is exactly the sort of scenario that mod limitations are intended to protect (…or at least protect Sony from liability on).

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Though WoW is limited to UI changes, doesn’t allow you to make your own tattoos/hairstyles/armor-designs. There are people doing it, but there is risk of having your account banned for doing so.

About Boundless, yeah, I’ve expressed many times how I’d gladly make models of static furniture (like chairs, tables, storage) if I could. But eh, James is already ignoring people’s DMs about beacon-related issues that only he can fix, I’m not expecting him to work on a way for us to add our own content into the game. The option was on the table in 2019, and Update 249 would’ve been a step in that direction, but now?

Now everything appears to be dead in the water. And every thread trying to ask James to do something, anything, to make the game go forward, and how they’re all being un-answered, it’s getting painful to watch.


I’d more than gladly do art submissions if this ever became a thing. Well when time permits of course.


Game has been in maintenance mode for almost 1 1/2 years. We’re approaching the 4th year after release and things have truly ground to a halt. I’ve set my calendar. My last day with this game will be March 31st, 2023…if nothing goes forward.

Why not just say your last day is today?

Where would be the fun in that? Still got to be around to torture all the other people with my commentary :man_shrugging:


Because he still has… HOPE.


I need to upgrade my system, my old pc can’t able to do this while playing

What if players submit concept art, and the devs put it into the game? The limiting factor here is the dev work required to turn the concept art into models, and also change the server code to handle those new objects.

What if players do more of the dev work? Let’s consider having players make the full model file, whatever that might look like. The limiting factor here is now the devs have to release the relevant internal tooling, since players need to be able to test what they submit. And we still have to have a dev write code to handle the new object.

Would players be allowed to write code to handle the new object? Probably not, since that would require making a large chunk of the closed-source engine open-source, or would require that the server and client both handle objects in a very general way, if adding an object just means adding a handful of files.

I think in all cases building the infrastructure to add player-created content to Boundless is much more expensive than they’re willing to pay. In other games there’s very little dev involvement in mods, but in Boundless if they want to maintain a single version of the game (instead of everyone choosing a mix of mods to play with) then the devs have to be involved in every mod anyway… for the price of that effort they would probably rather just add the high-priority features they were planning on adding.

But don’t despair! As game engines become more powerful, in 5-10 years I imagine it will become really really easy to just make your own Boundless clone. Code moves in the direction of doing more with less effort.

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