Technomancer's Wayfarer's Totem Shop


As you all know the wayfarers totem is a rare item craftable by a select few. I have set up a new experimental workshop to provide them to the masses. simply collect the materials needed to make a mass craft and place them in the machine add the spark needed and I will do the rest. each work station will be locked with an advanced lock and accessible to you and I alone.

Payment per mass craft will be 3000c which you place in the request basket.
I am also willing to accept one hit tire six aoe hammers as a trade for 5 Mass craft’s of wayfarers totems. which can be left on a shelf.
In order for this to work you will have to friend me in game or on steam. PM me for steam name if you are interested.

Below you can see the materials needed for a mass craft.

I also sell Wayfarers totems in the shop above for 1300c Head to boori threw the portal seekers line and find the Boori Marrah portal on the lower deck. once threw take the north west path out of the court yard and you will immediately find Technomancer’s. From the shop just follow the led’s and you will find the experimental shop.

Much of what you see is still a work in progress so mind your step and be careful in the construction arias.

Advanced lock bug
Finally, Trade Without Need To Be Present
[CLOSED] Can Anyone Craft Wayfarer Totems for me?

It seems slightly odd to to pay 3000c + enough materials to craft 10 totems, when we only get “1 smart stack” (9 totems) back.

Would be better to sell 10 for that price to avoid confusion imo.


you get all 10. I just craft them and leave them there for you to pick up.


Well there seems to be a bug. all coin placed in a request basket disappears into the dimension of lost things.
For the time being we will have to hand trade the coin cost. hopefully the matter is fixed soon.
I will take the hit for all coin lost so far.
Thanks for shopping at technomancers :smiley_cat:


I love your idea and will definately be adding you on steam to make a few orders this weekend :). Was just thinking about how sad I am I didnt have the foresight to buy the wayfarers edition instead of explorers at the time.


I have been wanting some of these. I’ll have to grab the mats and find you sometime. I just really like the look of them, one of those things if I could go back in time I would have backed the game before release, but caution has its prices when the reason for it turns out to not be of concern. Hind site is 20/20 though, so I’m more than willing to pay that price, those mats are easy for me to come by since I regularly craft tools for my stores.


happy saint Patrice day!
Monday I will be on from 8am to 2pm pacific time filling your orders. so today is a great day to pm me and get that all set up. I have already completed several orders for people and it’s turning out to be a pretty smooth operation.
due to the advanced lock bug I have swapped out the request basket with a selling plinth selling common totems for 3000c. once you have been assigned a stall just place the materials on the shelf buy as many totems as you want mass crafts and I’ll do the rest.


wayfarer totems are great gifts too! :slight_smile:


by the way @Fiffer13 your order is waiting for you


Yeah, I was able to pick those up finally last night. Thank you, sorry I have been preoccupied on a build I am working on.


no worries :smiley_cat: i have a bizarreplay scheduals myself. enjoy your totems


tyvm, I am hoping to do some interesting forging with them eventually. the gleambow ones were my first dive into totem forging, so I am likely to continue some minor experiments there before I jump into making anything too crazy lol.


hay if you do forging I’m looking for a gleambow totem of light and looting. in my dreams it would also have that sinking feeling. what would you charge for such a thing. two gleambow totems and ?xx? coin maybe?

                            BIG SALE

OK this Friday threw Monday I’m having a buy two mass crafts get two free sale.
pm me and ill send you my steam name. friend me and set you up a stall. If you are a PlayStation user we will have to schedule a time to meet in game.
Please see OP for details. I have 8 stalls available and can make more if needed.


I’m looking for one peace of raw rift and Umbris. I set up a request basket right out front of my place. I’m buying each one for 1000c. any one who wants to help me out with this would be forever rememberd as truly swell.


They were dropped off ten minutes after your post ha! I love what you’re doing with the place! My first visit.


cool man thanks :smiley_cat:


I’ll be sparking up the old totem machines for a few customers later today so if anyone is interested in this feel free to pm me and I’ll get you all set up :smiley_cat: