Terra Nova TTC/TNT Lambis portals/shops/residential

Terra Nova is the new TNT/TTC (The Terra Collective) portal hub.

TNT Network to all other planets and a farm network.
TTC mainly based on projects belonging to TTC and other handy stops.

Keep in mind i am still building but i have plotted most of what the Terra Nova build needs.

Portals available

1x2 - 32 portals
[can be custom to 1x3 max]

2x3 - 3 portals
[can be custom to 4x8 max]

2x2 - 8 portals
[can be custom to 4x4 max]

Portals that need to be custom get the token and let me know the number and size.
After I change the portal size we will trade tokens😉


(North side of the hub available, south plotted but not jet build so)

2x2 plots 20 spaces (10 on roads)
3x3 plots 12 spaces (6 on roads)
3x4 plots 8 spaces (4 on roads)

Custom plotting available behind the bigger (3x3and 3x4) spots.

In general build what and as you like no rules. If roads need to be added in the custom build area just let me know on this topic or in discord/psn. Or build your own set of roads. :wink:

Also available

1 1x3 lava farm north side in tunnel (north).
1 mine entrance tunnel (East) (graple needed because its not finished/build yet).

Still coming

1 more 1x3 lava farm south side.
East and west mining stairs (no more running to leave the Settlement/City).
North, South and West bridge/road.

Previous topic

Even created guid discord for anything guild related. (Bare with me because i am not a pro with discord).

Stone roads completely plotted. So for the custom build area behind the 3x3’s and the 3x4’s feel free to plot against the plotted ereas.

Moved anterra portal to terra nova. If you wish to go to central portal on your right (west) side when on antarVI.

Shifting my focus to Anterra build feel free to plot/farm/mine as you like.