TNT/TTC Lamblis

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TNT lamblis has a new location (Old pic go and have a look).
And it is still in the process of being build.

As the new hub is located in the middle of a lava lake. I would like to mention be careful and don’t burn your self.
There are already two temporary roads placed down to provide a way to get to the main land.
Working on adding 1x2 portals and making them available to take in a day or two.
Custom portals take a little longer because I don’t have a location build to place them yet.

Hope everyone has a great time during the holidays. But i will be glad when everything is back to normal and have more time to build.

If you like to help TTC or TNT out…


By donating ashen blue and black brick straight across of TNT Lamblis monolith.
By donating oort at (for now) TNT AntarVI at portal or Anterra Central and selling oort in Anterra Central at the exchange in the hunt section.

By selling or donating oort at the main hub.

There is one more thing

Because its still a work in progress i would like to know some desired plot sizes for a base or shop if someone would like to build at the hub.
But please don’t plot or build over there until the basic road network of the hub is plotted down and build. Should have more build time in a few days and the ability to speed up the building process.

Question or comments place them down on this topic. And ill get back to you as fast as i can. Portal related requests (signs, tokens) for TNT AntarVI or Lamblis you can let me know on TNT’s Discord by adding @Antar SkyNet or @Lamblis SkyNet to your msg.



[edit] added pres to stone road to keep them safe so i can build them first. Had to plot switch some thing around. So the lost press. In a few days. TNT Lamblis can accept its first “settlers”.


Small and save lava farm available its 1x1 and the bigger ones will come eventually.

Its located behind the TNT monolith.

Meanwhile while i build i drop some free lava in the TNT stands.
And if they’re out you can buy 10 for 1 coin at the portals.

Design (don’t know if i like it so it might change)


For those who don’t know TTC is the terra collective :blush:


Correct TTC stands for The Terra Collective😉

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First set of 1x2 personal portals are available.
To add in a few hours ill be adding coin to the oort basket in the exchange on AntarVI. So keep an eye out for it.

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Finished the main hub (mostly safe to walk around). If peps want bigger portals let me know via TNT on discord or here on forum as i have put the bigger portals on the back burner for a hot sec to finish a little more of the platform/junktion roads.


Even tough there is a part available for every one to build i would like to ask to wait a bit. Might have to change it again.

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