Testing 162: Mastery, Prediction, and Stamina!


@UmbraVictus This is exactly my opinion. I’d just add that wooden tools are just not needed in game, totem is doing about the same amount of work.


Wooden tools will be able to be upgraded in unique ways in future updates. It may even turn out that it is well worth your time to hold on to your wooden tools :wink:


Ha, now you caught my attention! That sounds awesome.


Does stamina in the testing server work similarly to how stamina works in games like Arc: Evolved?

I actually love fact that you get tired after a while…


Well that would make it worth, but atm it makes me cry to waste all that wood on tools.


i do not know how its going in ARK but here is all SP lost with 6 throwing of the GHook and you just can’t sprinting its all.


oh so too little stamina that is too slowly replaced?


you actually only really get exhausted when mining and such - you lose stamina with each tool hit faster than you recover;

sprinting/swiming/jumping can last forever at the moment as you lose 1 sp every few seconds and you recover 30-ish in regular intervals so you can sprint forever;
and if you start sprinting after mining, with 0 sp, you will gradually replenish your entire sp pool as you recover faster than you tire from running

also, I havent’t noticed any negative effects of going to 0 stamina - you can still mine/dig/chop without any noticeable cons, so whatever devs have for us in that regard hasn’t been implemented yet;

this is current state of things in testing version and I’m sure it will all change in later updates to make it more difficult for a player


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