Testing 162: Mastery, Prediction, and Stamina!


The new tutorial feels a lot better! Some feedback on it and some achievements:

Wooden tool pacing: By the time I was asked to make a wood axe/hammer/etc, I already was set up to make stone tools.

Consider moving CraftTools to occur between CollectTrunks and CraftCampfire (since the wooden tools can be hand crafted). After all, wooden tools can be hand crafted, and I think it makes more sense progression wise.

Resource Starvation: If the player deviates from the tutorial when crafting, they’re likely to run out of resources a bit early (and it really interrupts the flow). Consider bumping up the number of resources the player is asked to fetch early on.

For example, CollectTrunks would probably benefit from asking the player to collect 20 trunks / 10 leaves. Or, if CraftTools moves to earlier in the tutorial, it could be split up: CollectTrunks (10 trunks) -> CraftTools -> “CollectMore” (10 trunks / 10 leaves / 10 rocks?).

Exploration: FindRegion was pretty frustrating; I ran into a region early on when building my campsite; so another region was pretty far away. I also landed in an ice patch, so it was a good slog (without run…) to find the next region. I don’t have any suggestions for this one; the intention behind this tutorial step seems great.

gathererCollectTunksWithAxeRank1 was infuriating. I had already made a stone axe by this time; and it also requires 2-3 wood axes to fully complete. IMO either tone down the # of trunk blocks to gather, or allow any type of axe


what i feel about the new system.

i don’t see any reason why you need to spent skill points on other skill trees to open more skill trees. system where you open skill trees with skill points would works better when building your character your own way.

more xp/skill points is needed to get from quest or make them easier, at least from the start since the first 1 hour already felt like grinding.

objectives should be “less specific”. if objective tell me to mine certain rock with a certain item it makes me feel like i cant freely play the game how i want. i prefer objectives to be completed what ever item i want to use.

i prefer double jump to be done by pressing space(jump key) twice and not holding it.


You do have to press twice to double jump. Holding space gives you a higher jump, but at the apex pressing again will do the double jump. (Assuming skills are unlocked)


nope, just now test it. Short press give normal jump and holding space u get double jump. It’s not hard, i think need a little practice.


That’s not a ‘double jump’, just a ‘high’/extended jump.

There’s two things:

"High’’ jump, where holding spaces gives you a higher/longer jump
Double jump, where pressing space again at the highest point of the jump does another jump in mid-air, that second jump can then also be made higher by holding again.

So with all the jump skills, you go like:
Press and hold space (high jump), then at the top of the jump, let go and press space again (double jump), and then hold to make the double jump a high jump as well.

Note the double, second, jump has a different (smaller height)


So After a Lot of Testing in the last days, the lvl system is good, the xp income per quest is to low. If you just started you want to feel progress is happening to your char. 8-9 hours into the game an still not beeing able to create copper tools or another Machine, when the quest for gathering copper and iron with copper tools pops up all time or the 100 workbench craftings appears. If we stay on this rate of progress with 1 lvl =2-3 hours of playtime doing quests, at lvl 4 where your characters is totally bad at everything! If you need hours for a lvl no problem, but the first let’s say 15-25 lvls should be really smooth. So players can really feel his char getting better and his tools be more useful. (Atm the totem is better than wood or stone tool!)
The Skill point system works fine, but there are so many early skill points you need to build a proper base and after this I bet nobody will be unwilling to grind a bit more than after the start. If playing feels not smooth like the test server for low lvls until you reach lvl 15-20 atm, the game loses it’s fun completly because you need hours to make just 1 lvl


Agreed!!! Devs please please please address this. Early leveling should be fast and fun, an then gradually taper off.


A minor update has been pushed:

  • Fix plinth crash.
  • Fix projectiles movement.


Is it an upgrade of the terribly slow and inaccurate stone sling ammo flying path?


as far as i know Boundmore, the simplest, but not entirely correct explanation i’ve come up with is that basically the server is calculating the path and speed of the projectile too slowly. DO NOT QUOTE ME ON THIS

i’ve had the problem a few times, it went away after about 30 seconds, but you just gotta keep running around and hoping you dont get rubber-band gunned by cuttletrunks or spitters





I’m pretty sure stone slingbow ammo flies slower than in 161 - I have the same connection quality wise - I don’t see the difference in running, jumping and general actions; only differences I’ve noticed are the slingbow slowed down (and range cut short to almost melee fight) and stone tools having 6 fast hits upon breaking a block instead of 3 slow ones; from where I stand (or sit actually) it doesn’t look like connection issue and more like changes applied by devs;

correct me please if I’m wrong


Why are you quoting me and smiling @Havok40k it’s so vague, I’m worried


It seems like much like grapples, slingbows hold difference now too.


yeah,but these are only special modes - I’m talking normal one-click firing, no combos and hocus-pocus :grin:


i was wrong, there is a skill (you mention this, i wasn’t attentive) that need to learn to have a double jump but you need to be like a 20+ lvl and its seems to me like no ****** way to reach it on test server :open_mouth::confused:


So I have been playing a bit the last couple of days and I want to throw my 2 cents in for a second.

Things I like so far:

  1. Objectives - great way to help get orientated and set some goals
  2. Crafting gates - I like that no everyone can just build everything off the bat
  3. The skills breakdown is pretty cool and how it unlocks.

Things I despise:

  1. Experience - so I am hoping that the final version of leveling is a mix of what is currently now in “live” with what is now is “testing” because I am sorry; leveling through the objective system is not just arduous, it is a potential a complete waste of time and resources. I like having subset of experience systems that reward you for doing an action. If I want to go running around for hours and mine uncontrollably with my hammers, I want to be rewarded for that. I get the objective system does that, but it pigeon holes you dramatically. I am forced to make copper hammers (which I never do) I am forced to make wooden equipment after I can already make metal equipment, what is up with that? I just really don’t like that currently leveling is only though the objectives. I am being forced to do things that I consider waste of time or resources.

The way I see it, the objectives are guidelines to help give direction to what to do. Not a dictatorship on what to do. And forcing the use of specific quality tools should just flat out be removed entirely from them. Why does it matter if I use a wood hammer or a stone hammer to gather 100 rock? WHY??? I shouldn’t be penalized for wanting to use better equipment. But also, just allow us to actually gain experience from actually mining how it is now in “live” to balance it out with the objective system, just make the gathering exp taper off after a while and that will make objective exp that much more important.


I built a workbench and can make copper and iron tools now but I didn’t have any objectives leading me through that and still nothing available on that front. So, if I make tools now for my mining/gathering needs I will miss on progression (and I know there are objectives asking to make copper tools etc, I just still don’t see them yet).

So, that’s a problem already mentioned by me and others that timing of some objectives is rather off.

BTW - I still can’t make grappling hooks and chisels - can someone remind me when are they available, please? I have 300+ hours of gameplay but before it just happens on the way that I reached chisel and hook tools through crafting, but I couldn’t tell what was it that enabled that.


It seems to me the objectives should be like extra rewards for ours successes. Like on live server now, they should be always-ON quests and in obj-menu you just mark some of them for tracking. And they should also be simple on start and harder and harder until we reach a high lvl.
Or just throw a player in a well designed and thought-out world without any tutorial. I want to remind you that this game is about exploration.


The objective system is there in testing and the idea is that apart from giving you xp and coins it also guides you through tools and machines progression - whether this system will end up taking this shape or another is a different matter. At the moment I’m only referring to a fact that already designed parts of tutorial-through-objectives aren’t timed well.

I would love to just freely explore and build the way I used to in live version, but I decided I’ll do my best to help testing new features and give whatever feedback my little brain can muster. :laughing:

I do agree with you to a degree and you can check out this thread if you haven’t yet as the point you made have been more or less repeated there: Progression system