Testing 162 - Report issues here

@Nibuls and @NexiBit we’ve pushed a hotfix onto the Testing version regarding the plinth crashes, so give that a try.

Edit: @Dulki give this a try too.

I’ll do it later when i’m home :slight_smile:
Could you try bring a hotfix for the xp rate per lvl needed? I played so much on test server still lvl 8
I think until lvl 20 half the xp is already enough to gather especially because Else we cant find bugs in the higher lvl skills

Thanks for reporting this, we have logged a bug.

If I understand what you’re saying here, with 0 SP you’re losing HP after using a tool? We haven’t been able to reproduce this.

We haven’t been able to reproduce this one either. How many times have you seen this happen?

While placing a Beacon the Plot IT claims isnt shown to me, the Campfire does it :slight_smile:

We haven’t been able to reproduce this. Did the number of plots in your Inventory menu remain the same?

Do you remember if you placed a beacon in this location previously? It sounds like there are beacons that show up as orange on the Compass that actually belong to other players.

As for the list of objectives not working, we’ve added them to our bug database to look at.

Thanks for the information, we have added it to our bug database. As a workaround in the meantime, have you seen this topic for getting portals to face certain directions?

Thanks for reporting, we have logged a bug.

Unfortunately, we can’t really do hotfixs for things like this. The rate of earning XP to increase levels is still subject to balancing. One for @luke-turbulenz to look at.

What was the issue with the old beacon?

Did you add any fuel items to it?

Nothing really.
I just didn’t liked it’s location :slight_smile:

Oh and another thing.
After removing the beacon I did not get all the plots back.
The new (and only) beacon uses 4 plots and the info screen says I used a total of 5 plots.

We haven’t been able to reproduce the issue with the Workbench. How many times has it happened?

How did you remove the beacon? If you just remove the beacon block it won’t affect the plots. You would need to use the Beacon Plot Remove tool on the existing plots to remove them.

We’re making some changes to the Sanctum soon to minimise this.

They work fine now :slight_smile:

The old beacon had 2 plots which I removed before destroying the beacon.
When I checked the beacon after removing the plots it had no fuel anymore… so I guess all plots were removed.

  1. Regarding plots left behind. It happened to me too. I was migrating and removed my first beacon. Placed a new one in a new location and noticed I have less in my plot pool. Then I noticed that there’s an icon in the compass showing my old beacon so I went there and found the plot still there. Had to remove it with my plotter.

  2. Also noticed that when stamina bar goes down to 0 and I’m using a tool I get damage display (numbers floating in the air, not the notification displayed on the edge of the screen). Weird thing is there were red numbers appearing together with green ones. Were the red ones my supposed hp going down and green ones my stamina recovering?
    Another thing is that I don’t think I took damage actually. Not sure but I think my hp remained the same so it was just a display with no real effect on my hp.
    That happen twice when I was using my totem to break soil blocks.

I think the old plot/beacon removal system was more logical.
Removing the beacon also removed all associated plots.

No, when you I pick the fresh made beacon into a hand slot it should show me which beacon I claim when I place it but it does not :slight_smile:

yes, I found it troubling too - it only starts displaying plots when its fueled; it wasn’t a bit of a problem when you could break your beacon and pick it up, but now it’s not so easy as you lose beacon once broken with a tool so you need to create another one then;
and it’s really an important thing to see how the plots’ borders run when you are placing the beacon

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