Testing 170 - Report issues here

Please report all issues discovered in Testing 170 in this thread.

Under common item recipes, it say unlock advanced item recipes.

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Game keep crashing on exit as reported here: Release 169 - Report issues here.

Its on both live and test.

Level 1 wildstock kills you witrh a single knock down and needs loads of arrows to put down.
Thought this was balanced in the previous update?

Are you in live, or test server?

Taking potshots at a goort with a copper crossbow on testing server. (Not very effective, mind you. Balancing, I know.) Decided that discretion was the better part of valor (especially since they’re still throwing themselves into the lake with reckless abandon, and why fight when you can scavenge?) and beat feet for my dwelling door. I hit ‘E’ to engage the door, and it opened. The hinge was transparent in the middle, and as I turned to the left to move through the doorway, I suddenly found myself on the roof of the dwelling. (Something of a relief, actually, since I thought the critter might be following me.) The door was still open downstairs (possibly admitting a rampaging critter, but it wasn’t chasing me) and functioned as expected when I closed it.

you opened the door “into” your body, and then the game had no choice but to try and “unstuck” you and gave up and put you up top.

not so much a bug, as an exploit we may want to try and improve to make it less likely (so that it can’t be used as a teleportation exploit)

Thanks for the report, a bug has been logged.

Did you previously email over any crash dumps arising from this? You could send us an updated crash dump if you didn’t send one before

Do you have a screenshot of the offending Wildstock in question?

yes, follow the link, in a reply there is a gist.

I’ve tried downloading the ZIP file on that link, but the folder only show a 2KB file and it’s not showing as a dump file. On the link, it displays ‘Dump File: tblz_crashdump_04b12c27_0000.mdmp’. If you can email over ‘tblz_crashdump_04b12c27_0000.mdmp’ to boundless@turbulenz.com (or a more recent dump file for the same crash), we can take a look as it has much more information.

Just send one from today.

Thanks, we’ve received it.


If I remember correctly it had red markings on it’s back.
It’s on the starter planet so it must be level 1 right?
Goin to make a screenshot when I get home.

I started to play on the testing server for the first time yesterday, and I’m willing to bet it’s these that @Haelos is talking about. I’m having a really hard time with these too. They are everywhere on the starting planet (Solum), takes forever to kill and deals 800 damage, so they are instant killing once they hit. Which is pretty likely that they do if you get a bit of packet loss.

This was the best screenshot I could muster. It’s hard to screencap a murder machine that is out to get you :scream:

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I’m on Sanctum and standing close on portal clips my hammer (or anything that I’m holding). I’m still about a block away from the portal.

Got that to, killed instantly by wildstock on starter planet.
I only have a stone slingbow, and it not hurt them, i do not see any hp over their head either.

Those health bar segmentations doesn’t really add up for me…

Going by the numbers that floats above when you hit mobs:
The infamous wildstock species that have been murdering us seems to have 3 segments and around 6000 hp
The Roadrunner seem to have 4 segments but like 1250-ish hp

Also, my character seem to have a segmentation about 70% in of its max-life, which is 840 hp

I used the number of max-stamina, since the max-hp number should be the same. Because max-hp is not showing in the Character -> Profile -> Core Attributes

Not only are they murder-machines, I don’t think they’re showing up with the frequency that the release notes implied. Or did I read those backwards? I thought there should be more, and what I see is that after login there’s a peak followed by a mass drowning, after which I don’t see any more as long as I’m on. I hear their noises, but they’re not on the compass and I don’t see any when I look out off my various roofs.

When crafting sedimentary stones in a crafting table, it sometimes does some weird refresh. If I am spam-clicking the craft button, I start crafting something else I got materials for. I’m not exactly sure how it manages to do that.

I have like 500 sedimentary rocks, so it’s not like I’m running out of rocks (which could trigger some changes in which recipes that are craftable)