Testing 171 - Report issues here

Please report all issues discovered in Testing 171 in this thread.

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This seems to be a new thread, so I’m assuming Release 171 is what’s live on Steam. How can I check that?

I found that if you break your campfire to move it while doing the tutorial, it resets the quests and requires that you make another crafting table even if you already have one in your inventory. I’d consider this to be a bug.


I can’t seem to remove some folders when I updated just to find out that I can’t get to the portal as it has a error

I have no idea if this has to do with the game or my computer

A restart might help but not going to check right now

I think testing-Solum server is down…

Yeah, that’s what I’m seeing, too.

This is not live- to play this version you must activate “betas” in steam. It will display Boundless [testing] in the steam library.

The firepit bug is a known bug and is listed in the “known bugs” list in the 171 announcement thread.

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We are aware that the starting home world is down on testing, will update again once we’ve fixed the issue.


The servers are back up, with an updated build.

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I’m getting stuck on dialog screens:

Gotto close and restart the game when this happens to continue.

The Confirm and Cancels buttons simply do nothing.

This does not happen all the time - but stuck twice in my brief time on the test server.

After restarting to past the dialog I now have the Build a Temporary Campfire quest again:

Take note that my Campfire was not destroyed - I only placed the beacon and tried to name it.

Are you pressing the Enter key by any chance? As it looks like that might be causing the issue when you’re trying to rename the beacon?

Just tested that for you:

  1. Rename without enter works
  2. Rename with enter breaks (and I could see a button in the background changing right after I hit enter)

Thanks for the confirmation, we’ll add this information to our database.

First things when i started a new char:

  1. I cant name my char with a space, it need to be 1 word.

  2. The objective “Building a permanent base”, collect 10 stones do not count stones as long you using the hammer. Its first when you release the hammer that the stones count up.


  1. I cant see the health for the block i am mining.

  2. I cant do the objective “Hunting animal”.
    I made a stone slingbow but when i shoot the first shot at a lifestock, all mobs around me (wildstock and spitter) attack and kill me in 2 sec…
    It do not look like my slingbow do them any harm, i cant see their hp.

Is there a way to add my new character to my existing characters beacons? If not, this is an issue for me. I would like multiple characters/builds working together to form my Boundless empire.

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Presumably you’re trying to enter a space between two words rather than a space when the first character should be?

We haven’t been able to reproduce this so far. Where are you experiencing this and are you using the Wood hammer?

Doesn’t look like it at the moment, this is a question for @luke-turbulenz and @olliepurkiss.

As for the issue of not being able to place the Coal into the Fuel slot, are you trying to place it from the Ingredient slots by the looks of it? What happens if you place it from the Inventory slots instead?

I got this as well but could not screenshot it fast enough.

@vdragon: When you have the objective and mine stones your stone count in the upper right corner of the screen goes up, but the quest objective’s counter (top left) does not. If you stop hitting stones it will update after a second or two with the correct count. This happened on some of the other quests too.