Testing 171 - Report issues here

  1. Yes, tried a 2-part name with a space in between, did not accept it.
  2. Yes, wooden hammer.

Combat balance issue

Another definite issue is me vs wildstock.

  1. With my stone slingbow it takes about 12 hits to kill a lvl 2 wildstock that spawned on Solum.
  2. It kills me with 1 shot.
  3. When I respawn I’m right back with it - and its still aggressive.

I did not engage the wildstock. A spitter attacked me - and I attacked back, engaging the wildstock. It took me the better part of 5 minutes to kill the two without dying (and still losing significant life to the spitter whilst kiting the wildstock). This makes my new character feel very bad and underpowered.

Crafting glitch (very annoying)

The issue that has already been reported where spam crafting selects another recipe is extremely annoying on my new character. I need to craft many individual stones and this kept going wrong. If you only fix one bug before making this live - this should be it.

Other general feedback

The new patch over all feels nice. With the exceptions to enemy life (and block hitpoints on ring worlds) it really plays fluidly. I enjoyed the new compass, creature variety and HP bars in general and multiple character support.

It took me just more than hour to reach level 7 and get a furnace going with some copper, iron and my first tech fragments. I can see that getting to copper tools / storage / etc will take a few more hours - it feels like the grind kicks in here and this is likely where many new players will lose interest fast (long before the game gets enough variety to keep your attention). IMO it needs to be easier to reach basic tech (copper tools / storage) - the grind after that is much more enticing.

Suggestions to help the grind from level 7

An objective to craft a torch would be a great addition. Some of my friends that started playing did not know about torches until much later - even though it’s one of the first crafts available.

An objective to find ancient tech fragments and explaining that they are findable in surface level caves would also go a long way. This might be the kind of thing to add in here to help players reach the basic tools and crafting a bit quicker.

An objective to go to a nearby settlement / the capital would be most helpful too. The quicker players discover civilization, the better. Even with the map showing settlements from Sanctum this did not feel very obvious (and even porting to one ended up with me landing out of sight from it).

Later on - some objects for rarer resources would be useful. Things like collect diamond, ruby, titanium, etc. This will make players aware of their existence and encourage them to learn where they can be found.

I’ll test again after the mining balance patch and provide feedback on it.


One issue I found with the level 2 wildstock is that it is capable to hit you multiple times. I think 300 damage is rather ok, but when it hits 3 times at once it becomes severe.

Yes this is a issue that need resolving and we have a bug raised for it.

First off OMG MULTIPLE CHARACTERS IS SO EXCITING :heart_eyes: that’s not an issue, just me being excited.

Here’s an actual issue: in the tutorial directions that pop up on the side of the screen, it directs me to open Inventory using the interact key, even though I have that feature disabled in settings


This! The grind after about an hour in the game just gets horrible. I really think the scaling increase of required exp needs to be brought closer if not exactly flat per level. Perhaps increase the requirement at lv 10, 20, 30 etc. But with no scaling increase in experience gained from activity, scaling increase in experience required gets to the point of me just wanting to quit.

I’m also really missing the “health” bar for blocks when breaking them; missing as in technically and emotionally! :wink:

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When I try to add tool skills, the pop-up confirm/cancel dialog disappears too quickly to be used–I think this was an issue in 170 as well. I managed to add the hammer skill by sliding slowly into the dialog and clicking before it disappeared–but if I move quickly and the cursor leaves the dialog box it just closes. I think it used to be modal–or at least more persistent–previously.

If the bar is missing it’s a bug. Needs fixing.

Can confirm it’s missing:

The health bar for blocks will appear when you get the Scanner skill, though.


When renaming your beacon, if you hit return, the Rename Beacon dialog remains open (although the rename actually occurs). You then can’t click confirm/cancel to close the dialog. You need to reclick on the Rename Beacon button.

No name appears (see bottom right of screenshot) when you’re informed that something has happened within the Sanctum when you first start playing - just []

“Creature drops harvested” (see objective in top left of screenshot) completed without me needing to collect all the drops from creatures (I have only ever collected drops from 2 creatures with this character).

“The Benchmark II” feat is shown as green (completed), even though I have not completed any of that feat at all.

Should this display “Feat completed” instead of “Objective completed”?

The naming conventions used for Objectives menus and page headings are not consistent… “Objectives” becomes “Journal”, with another Objectives menu under that.


Oops, never mind then! You’re right.

New complaint: it’s a bit hard to see the difference between the filled and unfilled parts of the block bar, especially with a background color similar to the bar. I remember it being more obvious on live.

When adding a Hammer to a Hammer already equipped while looking in the crafting table the hammer already equipped is removed from the equipped slot. I was adding a hammer that i just made to a hammer all ready equipped to form a stack.

That’s been happening for a long time.

Two things:

A created warp to my beacon in a cave drops me at the beacon. Doing the same with the tunable warp in Sanctum (part of an objective) dropped me up the side of the mountain instead of where the other warp dropped me.

If I accidentally move coal into a furnace source product slot, and then try to move it to the fuel slot, the game says I can’t do that. If I move the coal back into inventory, and then into the fuel slot, the game is okay with it.

Hi There been playing a week so noticed a few bugs etc.

It’s worth pointing out it might be worth pinning a post to the top of these threads that lists the known issues so we don’t keep repeating ourselves and wasting your time, I’m not going to read through all the other posts.

1 - When I return to the sanctum (by death or choice) 90% of the time it glitches and my avatar is left floating or stuck in the floor, not able to move. I have to exit and reload the game.

2 - The Skill Light Source doesn’t work, does not emit light from avatar

3 - There doesn’t seem to be an appreciable increase in upgrading Hammer Mastery, took it to lvl 6 and still took 3 hits to break a stone block with basic heavy hammer.

other than that I am liking this game, 30 plus hours in. Not sure if it would be worth nerfing the skill tree a bit though as I’m lvl 19 and I’ve only opened 15 skills, its only going to get tougher still as well. I like the challenge but it is becoming some what of a grind rather than enjoying exploring etc.

Many thanks,

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Are you playing the Live or Testing release?

Some of these issues should be resolved in the Testing release.

Hi, I’m playing the version that downloads from Steam by default, in work at the moment so can’t check till this evening

You are playing the Release version then.

To play the Testing version, go to Properties for the game, under the Betas tab, select Testing in the beta opt-in box. The game will then update to the testing version.

If you can provide a video of the issue occurring and where the location was if it’s location-specific , that would be great. Also, what is the layout of your inventory like?

I had a look into it and I can confirm that it follows the same rules as when you registered your original username before playing the game for the first time.

If you are at a high enough level then creatures will become more aggressive to you by default. The issue with a creature inflicting a lot of damage in 1 hit is a little concerning, so we’ve added this to our database.

We have this listed as a known issue in the release notes.

Feedback should generally be added to a different topic so that they do not get mixed with the issues reported here, but I’ll tag @luke-turbulenz and @olliepurkiss for them to look at anyway.

Yes, it looks like the tooltip doesn’t take any changes to the settings in account, so we’ll make a note of this.

It’s the same issue that @OmniUno was experiencing, once it was confirmed that pressing Enter disabled functionality.

I asked about this and the reason for this is because there is no server when you’re inside the Sanctum. But we’ll make a note of this anyway as it would make sense to at least a word displayed when inside a Sanctum.

On the screenshot, it shows that although you didn’t kill any creatures, you managed to pick up some creatures drops. Did you come across any creature drops at random? Perhaps another player had killed the creatures but neglected to pick up the drops afterwards?

That’s an odd bug and we haven’t seen this, but a bug has been logged.

It would make more sense, so we’ll make a note of it.

Yes, it does looks inconsistent, so we’ll add this to the database.

Can you provide screenshots showing a side-by-side comparison between Live and Testing? The bars are thicker on the Testing branch.

We did fix an issue where moving items within the Inventory would unequip held items, but it looks like it may not have fixed this one, so we’ll record this information.

What’s the location where this is happening at?

We had a bug where this was preventing an objective from being completed. We’ll add this to the database.