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Other than to say it’s happening across the lake from my place in Nemus Comstead, I can’t provide coords. The missus and I are eclipsulating 400 miles from home and won’t be home until tonight US EDT. I’ll relay the beacon location then.

Harvesting soft coals were considered as “creature drops” in “Hunting Creatures” objective. I originally only had 6/10 creatures drops and while mining soft coals, I was surprised that I completed it.

Here’s the location of the beacon I was targeting when using the different methods of warping.

Debug Information:
Game version: testing (cf0c5985)
Username: brook-monroe
Worldname: use_c1_home
Camera position: 2127.07, 79.60, 1723.60
Camera direction: -0.717, -0.663, -0.216
Facing: WEST
Player entity id:45628:
Health: 1150.000000/1866
Air: 100/100
AngleXZ (deg): -73.247
selectedIndex[0]: 7
69 color(0)
selectedIndex[1]: 7
Playing Time: 00:07
Player Trust: trusted
Plots: 67\76
Joined: 2
Client LocalTime: 1503402578
Client WorldTime: 27786247.57
Server WorldTime: 27786247.57
Latency (ms): 68.04
Latency Histogram (Total Session On Current World):
0ms - 50ms : 39
50ms - 100ms : 90
100ms - 150ms : 0
150ms - 200ms : 0
200ms - 250ms : 0
250ms - 300ms : 0
300ms - 350ms : 0
350ms - 400ms : 0
400ms - 450ms : 0
450ms - 500ms : 0
500ms - 550ms : 0
550ms - 600ms : 0
600ms + : 0
Total Points Recorded: 129
Timestamp-Boost (ms): 250.00
TLMS: 55.02
Max TLMS: 80.168
Informed Server WorldTime: 27786247.402
Transmission Delay: 0.107
Delta: 0.170
Clock-Offset: 27786104.468
Messages Sent: 19.71/s
Data Sent: 7.87kb/s
Commands Sent: 20.14 cmds/s
Messages Recieved: 16.20/s
Data Recieved: 13.93kb/s
Commands Recieved: 58.68 cmds/s
Buffered Amount: 0B
Chunk Data:
Chunks Received: 0.00 /s
Chunk Bytes Received: 0.00b /s
Peak: 0.00b /s
Rate Limit: 30 /s
Chunk Cache:
Entries: 114991
Hits: 3158
Misses: 19
Removals: 5
Memory Used: 2002.12MB/2048.00MB
Chunks Meshed: [679, 477, 318, 276, 57]
Chunks To Destroy: [0, 0, 0, 0, 0]=0
Chunks To Mesh: [0, 0, 0, 0, 0]=0
Chunks Loaded: 0 maps 0 chunks requested
Lod chunks loaded: 1035, 756, 531, 436, 145
Physics Chunks Loaded (last second): 0
Chunking Distances: [12, 20, 32, 64, 64]
Chunk Draw Distance: 64
Position: [2125, 78, 1723]
Meta: 0x0
Liquid: 0x0
Color Index: 52
Local Block Position: [13, 78, 11]
(Beacon: permissions= CAN_EDIT CAN_WARP) LOCKED
Base Prestige: 34
Final Prestige: 87
Variation: 97%
Exotic Ratio: 13%
Size: 0%
Built Ratio: 46%
Chiseled Ratio: 19%
Total Bonus: 150%
Current Chunk:
Position: [132, 107]
meshMinY: 72
meshMaxY: 120
waterMaxY: -1
Picked Location:
Game Worlds:
Status: Loaded
{player}: okay
FPS: 60
Frame Time: 16.67ms
Update + Render: 16.63ms
Render: 15.10ms
Render GUI: 2.69ms
Update: 1.52ms
Update UI: 0.30ms
Heap Working Set: 1280.070MB
Created Nodes: 1088
Unique Meshes: 834
UI: 0.10ms
New UI: 0.05ms
Weather: ambient (1.00)
Grapple Speed: 0.000000
Target: 0.000000
Grapple Speed: 0.000000
Target: 0.000000
Focus: true
Lock: false
Threat Level:
brook-monroe: 1.000000

Thanks for the report, a bug has been logged.

Thanks for the location details. It does seem that using the Warp Conduit in the Sanctum will place the character higher up than expected, so we’ve logged a bug for this.

But wait–there’s more!

I logged back in to find my avatar on top of an arch over the highest stairwell in my dwelling. I was on the first floor when I logged out. So that ‘feature’ seems to be back now–I haven’t seen it for awhile. I couldn’t tell you how close to the house beacon was when that occurred. (The house is across the lake from the coordinates of the ‘quarry beacon.’ It’s the big place with the walls running down to the water.)

Please not that warp ‘issue’ is not a bug. In the original case you were in a room with a 2 high ceiling, the warp in the sanctum is 3 blocks tall so it cannot open into somewhere 2 high. You will find similar cases with the sanctum warp being 2 blocks wide, so it cannot open into a 1 wide corridor or sometimes right next to a wall.

If ever the warp cannot open up where you tell it to, it will try to find somewhere up/down a little bit that it can open up to (so if you warped into a 2high ceiling room but there was a 3 high ceiling room just above it, it might open up into that 3 high ceiling room instead), but will soon give up and just open up somewhere on the surface nearby (in your first case, the top of the mountain above your base)

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So many weird warps suddenly make sense now!

I understand that you’re telling me it’s working as designed, but I still have to question it on the basis of the Law of Least Surprise. I assume that one day there will be sufficient documentation available to explain it to the players–or at least that we won’t have to walk through a Sanctum portal every time to get back to the last place we found ourselves on whatever world we were on after logging in.

chat broke big issue for me
please fix this soon gamebreaker i post pic now
i tryd changing menu size paper stays same size
@james ill tag ya sorry buddy lol

it goes away when i stop chatting
and it adds papers everytime i typ and hit enter

btw love a background on my tekst but nut glued to my face hahahaha

its fixed after restart pfffff litle panic here hahaha
is this new chatpaper i discovered

Have you also had this occur on the live version as well? What GPU do you currently have?

I’m losing xp when crafting :frowning:

shows a plus and minus but it’s taking away my xp, but apparently only sometimes. This time it was only 148 xp, but the first time was somewhere in the 12k xp

Can you see if this is occurring on the live version? If so, report the issue in the associated topic.

where is that?
sorry if thats a stupid qustion

found it :smiley: