Testing 181 - Report issues here

but my tools all broke too…
Edit- just tested now, and a new stone tool went all the way down to the minimum 1% durability after dying with full penalty reduction.

Nope, you’re correct that’s a bug we need to fix it.

Edit - We’ve got a fix in house, so it should be resolved before it goes to live.

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Awesome, glad that was an easy fix

This isn’t a bug. It’s a feature attached to the @willcrutchley username. It’s the game fighting back for continued hacking attacks… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Aww, I knew this day would come :joy:


What are you seeing on screen when you try and run the game? From looking at the left side of the Steam client, does it display ‘Boundless - Running’ before displaying just ‘Boundless’ on its own as if the game was not running at all?

I couldn’t reproduce this, but I did get a crash after trying to delete two symbols that I had just entered. Did you experience this as well?

How many times have you seen this happen?

I haven’t been able to reproduce this. What did you click on exactly? Was it one of the stone items from the Queued section on the Queue tab? How many times did you get this to happen?

If you can share a game log and crash dump when you get the crash again, that would be great.

Thanks for the reports, we have a fix for this.

Thanks for the report. We have a fix for the second issue, which also affected a few other different tools as well.


only once

It says "Boundless [testing].
But it’s not running, checked this in the Taskmanager.

Live version is working as did all the previous test build.
Strange stuff.

Maybe an anti-virus preventing the install from completing?

Only Windows Defender but turning it off makes no difference.

I got it running!
On the boundless.exe I checked “Run this program as an administrator” and now it’s working.

The live version runs fine without it.
Any ideas why it has to run with admin rights?

It doesn’t.

I would guess that your user directories or Steam install have non-standard permissions on them.

If you could share the old game logs they might report what the game was failing to do. (Maybe the game was failing to even create the game log!!)

Old game logs?
Game didn’t generate any as it failed to start.
The only one I have is the one from the now working game.

First time I have this Steam permissions thing so something must have changed.
But it seems I’m the only one having this problem. Really strange.

I used to have this a few months ago when switching between testing and live. Had to start with admin permission for weeks.

It’s worth noting that:

  1. Steam installs Boundless - so maybe Steam is being weird.
  2. Boundless doesn’t require admin privileges - so maybe the folders are already weird.

Ideally Boundless would report why it’s failing - which would help us diagnose where the failure is. The log is created extremely early in the startup progress, and if it’s missing then:

  1. the process of creating the log file that is failing - it would be good to Boundless to report this, or
  2. the game is totally failing to start - which would suggest a setup or file access limitation.

(But this is all total speculation.)

Did uninstall Boundless.
Manually removed the game folder.
Installed Bounless live version.
Started Boundless… running, no problems
Changed to Boundless test version.
Started Boundless… nothing.

So no already weird folders because I manually removed them before the install.
And only the test version is having permission problems.

Anyway it’s working now but it’s something to keep in mind because it could happen to others too as it seems i’m not the only one having this problem after all.

Can you try removing Boundless and installing the Testing version directly? Instead of switching to it from Live.

(I’ve had problems in the past switching between versions - and I’ve never gotten to the bottom of it. I’ve always needed to reboot into Safe mode and blow the install away. It’s weird. But Steam is doing the installing - not Boundless.)

Fresh tesing version install solved it! :grinning:
Still weird though it didn’t happen with the previous test versions.

Did you ever hear of the ‘Wi’ flag in Asheron’s Call? This sounds similar. :volcano:

Found a couple more possible bugs.

  1. Having trouble trying to remove a stone fire pit from my storage. It won’t let me remove it from the storage. When I click on the item it goes to my bag and then just resets back to the storage location it came from.
  2. Possible spelling error on the GUI for the sigs. On the bottom it says “Test shown if another player interacts with this sign” not sure if it should say “Text” instead of “Test”.
  3. The Add A Member To Your Beacon objective won’t count the second step for me to complete the objective.
  4. Yesterday I was able to Mass Craft without having the skill and today I can’t Mass Craft at all even though I have the skill now.

Update - Looks like the reason I couldn’t Mass Craft the refined gleam was I don’t have the recipe for refined gleam but the information displayed in the machine is misleading as it makes it seem like I need the Mass Skill when I actually need the recipe to craft the item.

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