Testing 181 - Report issues here

Cannot reproduce this. Is it still happening with the Stone Fire Pit and any other items?

These are both bugs, so we’ll make a note of these.

Thanks for the feedback. This will be passed along to the designers.

FYI - I’ve also experienced this on Testing - but with a Selling plinth. Other plinths next to it worked as expected. So clearly there is some sort of issue with entity / inventory management.

Yes it was still happening after I had logged out and jumped back on. The item actually disappears for a while when you first interact with it and then when you interact with a different item the first item will come back into the storage but it’s not able to be removed. I did have this happen with a workbench piece in a totally different storage block that isn’t connected to the other storage blocks.

I do not have my beacon on the compass, have unlock basic and extended (mobs) compass skills…

Beacons don’t show on the compass any more right? That happened a while ago

So whenever I try to quick move an item into the furnace if both slots are filled (Even with materials that should stack) the items I’m trying to quick move get deleted with no way of recovery. I tried to move a stack of 120ish bones into a stack of 3 bones that were already in the furnace and lost the 120 stack

@skokilla I’ve heard breaking the furnace will retrieve the lost items from this bug.

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Beacons will not show up on the compass, but settlements will definitely appear if there is enough prestige.

Yes, breaking the Furnace will make those items available again. We currently have this listed as a known issue.