Testing 183 - Report issues here

that sounds about right… at least for the one i found when you were there… but i found another spot on my dock after you left… out of the way for the meteor path

so not limited to just that at least

not sure why you would want a gold hammer… anything you could have gotten with it you could have just asked me for =P (nothing the next overwrite won’t replace XD)

I’m noticing a phantom meteor sound. It seems to just show up from time to time and is just a quick woosh. Not like the long whoosh like when one comes in, but it sounds more like it swooped past quicky in 2 seconds.

I know it was phantom because I look around and see nothing in the sky as well as no streaks above ground pointing to where the meteor landed. I haven’t been able to fully figure out how to create it but have heard it in many spots so far.

I know @Jiivita heard something maybe like it yesterday and I think had a video about it.

We have made a few fixes regarding meteorites (including their sounds), so give it another go once Testing has been updated.

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Are meteors spawning correctly i’ve had about 20 spawn one after another since i logged on today… as im looting one i’m already hearing the next one coming in O.o

im just outside of the capital of Vulpto


Yeah the spawn rate seems weird at times… I had one situation where I was exploring and had a consistent sequence of about 4 meteors that would fall a few minutes right behind me as I ran… It’s like I was being chased. lol.

Added to that a place near me had 9 meteors in the same area and not many in other areas around it and I’m not it a very populated area. So while clearly landing is random there still seems to be an issue with the random generator that it still puts them in the same area around you.

I’m still also seeing 3 portal each time… never had a chance for only 1 portal to show. Of course I don’t stay to long to see how well things drop out of them.

As for the sound, I think I heard a phantom once but cannot confirm.


Additionally I was just on Espilo for probably 2 hours running around and saw 1 meteor. I was watching sky and listening for any sounds but never saw anything come in except 1. Maybe it was a fluke but compared to how many I see constantly on Solum this was a surprised.

I assume meteors are only tied to people online and not beacons on planet… In any event I wanted to report the difference in response.