Testing 189 - Report issues here

Please report all issues discovered in Testing 189 in this thread.

Wow that was fast


Atlas in a smartstack doesn’t display as augmented in the stack icon
And no world name when looking at a world in sanctum:

Edit: or a world at all:

Additionally, rotations for items (grappling hooks for example) have changed again in the inventory and hotbar slots. I don’t know whether this is intended, but I’ll mention it anyway
You can see it in my above screenshots :slight_smile:

You can have more than one Altas with different augments in a smart stack, so it wouldn’t be feasible to show augment information for only one Atlas.

We’ll have a fix for this prior to the update being moved over to the live game.

It’s probably not intended, so I’ll pass this over to the relevant people to look at.