Testing 193 - Report issues here

Please report all issues discovered in Testing 193 in this thread.


Mousing over area of effect boon in centraforge causes game to crash.

Occasionally exiting out of the forge and re entering will cause the buffs to change… not sure what causes this, but sometimes exiting after a round does this.

Colours look a lot different, very drab.

Edit: colours change may have been due to cache problem.

Existing swift tools are EXTREMELY fast now - as in its hard to not destroy two blocks per hit on Solum fast. Not sure if that’s intended or not.

UPDATE: Works fine on my no-agility crafter, way too fast on my max agility gatherer.

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When a tool gets destroyed the next one in the stack is not automatically switched to even though the inventory UI shows that it is selected. You then have to switch to another slot and back to activate the tool.

Also: every time I look at my stone furnace with another character than the one that starter the craft it briefly shows Iron Bar (which it is busy crafting) and then I get disconnected from the game server.


Also: Game client froze. Crash dump: https://ufile.io/c1zwb Log: https://ufile.io/j201h

Also: Game became non-responsive and then terminated (window disappeared) when my diamond slingbow broke:


It count up to 189 000 chunks not loaded, unplayable connection and crash after a few minutes.

Live server working fine.

Working fine now.

The info text under temporary home is out of place.

All new discovered region looks like this.

connection error and kicked out of server when approaching furnaces with crafting going on that was started by a different alt

location: Vulpto (1160N, -1699E)

Is the Diamond Heavy Axe supposed to clear out only 1 block or is it three wide?

Is the Diamond Heavy Charger Slingbow supposed to only shoot 1 bolt?

I’m able to one-shot all the wood things with an Iron Axe (is this intentional?)

I have no left hand

Even though I have something actually equipped

This was fixed by holding CTRL and cycling through items

The aoe effects got removed and can be added again through the forge.


cant finish forging at all - always losing connection when using setting resin

EDIT: it worked when I placed stack of setting resins instead of a single one

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Hitting a medium coal seam with a changer crashes the client – only happened once and wont happen again. I’ve sent a log
EDIT: happened again with soft coal

Im finding this issue too.

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Blocks colors issues

woops, looks like it’s live (not beta)

Some one wrote the test color still in cache when you go back to live.
Empty it.

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Not an issue as much as a worry I have with this update.

The item your character is forging reaps additional benefits / forges better overall with higher Vitality, Power, and Intelligence? If this is the case, I hope we are allocated more skill points at level 50 when this hits Live, as there has never been a reason to give my crafter those skills before now.


Not so much additional benefits so much as allowing you to use your ingredients more efficiently and use more.