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Still, that’s a rather useful benefit. I’ll have to remove some things from my Crafter’s crafting tree just to give him these extra stats. It all feels really tight, and I’m not a huge fan of the need for these attributes in the Forge.

Of course you don’t NEED them… but I’m all about efficient gameplay, so to me… I need them.


The entire skill tree is being revamped instead.
That being said, at some point even crafters are going to have to make some concessions. What aspect of crafting do you want to focus on, and what aspect do you ignore? We crafters are spoiled now, able to craft everything and still quite efficiently hunt and mine on our own. That may not be the 1.0 target.


I don’t believe it has to be that way, though. I believe it was James who said that if we have to make three characters to be able to do everything, it’s no different than just letting one character be able to. Once things are revamped, I believe it will take much longer to progress to the very end, but you’ll have enough skill points for most skills.

Agree to disagree. We’ll see where things go, though.

minecraft beta hurt sound

Jumping under stairs makes you hurt yourself

Sprint against a wall and jump

Had / have this issue too, made it impossible to pick gleam colours at the prize giving ceremony. Thanks for the fix

Just as a side note, it’s much more skill point efficient to split crafting skills between a few or all your alts if they can stand to lose a few points. Its much cheaper to train just the weapon crafting on your hunter for example, than it would be to add weapons to a crafter who can do tools and gear and machines and and…

I forged an iron slingbow which received traits for projectile speed, a damage boon without enough points to add and long range, but in the output box it had projectile speed and critical bonus.
So long range changed to critical bonus.

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Traits will change very often. If you exit out of the forge and re-open it you will sometimes see this happen too. :confused:

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Are you saying it’s intentional it does that?
To be even more random?

No, I’m just adding to your point that things change when they shouldn’t

I also noticed that forge recipes refer to Momentum - I assume that has been renamed to effectiveness in the forge UI?

This is an unfortunate truth.

Most of the ingredients for the forge currently list variable or function names for boon, defect, and quirk points added, instead of actual numeric values.

Thanks for all the reports. We’re currently dealing with the amount of client and server crashes received over the past few days as a matter of priority, but we haven’t forgotten about the other bugs, which will be looked at along the way.

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From looking at the crash dump, it’s mentioned the file VCRUNTIME140.dll. Could you email this file over to us at boundless@turbulenz.com along with the crash dump as well?

I have sent them

could someone help this old technotard empty his cache files. i have no idea how it’s done

The easiest way I found, was open windows explorer (hold down windows key, hit ‘e’), then search for chunkcache it should find the folder somewhere under the steam user data, double click on chunkcache folder to open it and delete the data.mdb file there.
Hope that helps.


We’re still looking at fixing various crashes, but in the meantime, I’ll respond to the rest of the bugs. Of the bug reported bugs, some will address crash bugs if more information is required.

Can you show a screenshot of this? I did get a crash when I positioned the mouse pointer over one of the boons, but I just want to make sure if it’s the same one that you’re getting.

What kind of buffs can you recall having before exiting the GUI, compared to what you saw after you had interacted with the Forge soon afterwards?

If you get this again, post some screenshots before dealing with the chunk cache.

Any tools in particular? Also, what skills did you have?

When you assigned a tool to your hand that is part of a smart stack, are you dragging the whole smart stack to your hand, or did you right click on a smart stack and dragged an individual tool to one of your hands?

For the skill points text issue, this has been added to the bug database.

After exhausting the durability for the Diamond Heavy Charger Slingbow, a crash does indeed occur, so this has been added to the bug database.

Do you remember what was happening up to that point and did you also have the option to submit a crash dump?

Thanks for the report and screenshot, I’ll add these to the bug database.

What were you doing when this occurred? Did you place a storage block down at the time?


Thanks for the report and video, I’ve added these to the bug database.

There are a few issues with the text descriptions, which we will need to fix.

Thanks, we’ll take a look at the email you’ve sent.

Topaz Swift Hammer and Copper Hammer (the only tools I have in testing). Max power, max agility.