Testing 200: Quality of Life and Bug Fixes!


This is already fixed in our development build and will be in the next Testing release.


Awesome, can’t wait!


Is there an ETA on this patch going live? Rubber banded into Lava three last night which is weird as i was several blocks away from it. Got to love the stupid death penalty for lag resulted deaths.


Now imagine it would eat all your tools instead of 10% of your xp.
(That’s how it used to be in beta. Gramps tells war stories. :joy:)



Boundless Humour

Yeah, and I was always the complete blockhead who forgot to leave most of my gem tools at home, and managed to lose stacks of them at a time xD


There is Networking setting called “Pause Inputs on Lost Connection”. Enabling this will ignore your inputs when there are connection issues. This should help reduce movement when lag happens.


It’ll be something small, like farming… :astonished:


:face_with_monocle: mmm? Is that for plants? If you harvest them they drop resources + the plant block?


Plants, boulders, mushrooms and such are not considered blocks. It is mainly refering to corruption, tangle, thorn, growth, trunks, rocks, soil, gravel, sand, etc. which has had a small chance to drop a resource instead of itself.


No mention of the PS4 line break missing being fixed so that we can do multiple lines of text on signs :frowning:


Did you read 10 posts above or so?


still scrolling up and reading :stuck_out_tongue:


perfect :smiley:
all i wanted to hear :wink:


I was also wondering when this is going live?


It’ll be “soon”. :joy::joy::joy::grin:


We’re currently waiting on some translations for the new objectives. Once this arrives we’ll be able to publish the release Live.


You the real MVP.


Minimum Viable Product? That’s the first thing that comes to mind… but i checked dictionary… and I think… but still shooting in the dark… that you mean: Moisture Vapour Permeable, but I may be wrong, and you mean: Most Valuable Poet or Multi-Visit Pass. So which is it?


Meandering Vole Patrol