Testing 200: Quality of Life and Bug Fixes!


Updated OP with details of Testing 200.1. Assuming no issues are discovered this will be rolled live at the start of next week.




Just to add to other’s voices - 1 character on Testing, L11, sanctum warp is to L4 world with harsh atmosphere. Not helpful for Testing. If this could be sorted, e.g. fresh copies of characters so they’re at least broader/higher level, then I’d be happy to test. If a fresh copy will be done, I suggest announcing on here two days prior so people can load up inventories with useful resources/items for testing.


You could just delete your character and create a new one if you really want to check out the testing server, right?


Same as me lol.

I could, but I have zero interest grinding out a new character to test anything unless the specific changes are early-game balance changes.


Yes true enough but like CreativeWorlds I don’t really have it in me to get a character (that may disappear) up to a decent level for testing some of the changes. The game is sapping enough to progress on live.

I could feedback on the opening objective rewrites I guess!


We are looking at ways in which we can allow players to test mid-late game in the testing branch, hopefully we’ll have this sorted soon!


awesome!!! I’d love to do some testing this way!


Good news, thanks for the update!



Maybe this thread can provide some inspiration?


Is the patch going to be tomorrow?


Hey when are y’all going to make it where ps4 users can upgrade to deluxe version from base


So just to be the first to ask today (or maybe not), when you say at the start of the week, does that mean today?


The aim was today, but we have run into a few issues uploading the build to Sony which is likely to delay us a little further. We’re still hoping for the first half of this week, but until we know exactly what went wrong with the build, we can’t be 100% certain.


OK, thanks for the quick reply and for the info.

Hope the upload doesn’t give you too much grief!


Does Sony test all patches that are submitted to the store? (iOS style?)


I’m very happy to see a fix is coming to the portal crashes!


Each one has to pass an automatic tech check, depending on the content of the update they may require further testing.


When can we expect to see equipment and customization…?


@Steggs101 Any word on upping the save locations list expanding? It’s way way way to limiting and seriously needs a huge boost to it. I’m talking triple-quadrupling it minimum.