Testing 208: LED Blocks and Forge++!


Heads up- after the Testing update all my ingredients previously residing in the Forge deck were deleted.

Also, a lot of the forging changes aren’t listed in these notes, but they were listed in @rossstephens previous post about the testing server. They should probably get merged in because it looks like nothing changed.


Is effectiveness cap still increased for forging?


This looks to be an amazing update. Can’t wait to get my hands on some LED blocks.
The fact they can be chiseled is also amazing.


Greed? Or Green :joy:


Yes. As far as I can tell all of the existing forge mechanics were carried over from the last build, exploits, bugged ingredients and all.

The LED blocks are bad ash though!


Winter event is not in testing yet :frowning:


Yeah, it will start at a set time


cool : )


Had hoped to test it but hmm a little disappointed



Anyone know if these have a mesh limit? (I’d assume so?)


whaddya mean? I’ll try it if you like.


The limit of interactable blocks in a chunk. Like you can only put 500 storage blocks in one chunk.


If there is it isn’t < 1000.

They don’t seem like interactive blocks. Instead they just look like decorations, and that the animations are calculated client side based on block ID. It’s more like refined gold as a block than storage, in that it can be changed, it’s just simply decoration though when you place it.


Ok nice, thanks for checking :grin:


They don’t use a mesh, so no limit there :slightly_smiling_face:


Can you set the Led to not blink but be steady?

Could use them as a light source instead of refined gleam


Disclaimer: On the test server, I just entered random color codes to try the blocks out & take screenshots. I have no idea what colors will be available when it goes live. They will probably not be the random colors I posted.

Update: In the live version, they will be in “OFF MODE” while in the shelf/mined/etc. Things seen in these screenshots are not exactly what will be in the live version of BL.


The chiseling is interesting, thanks for showing that. I can see where blinking in storage could be distracting.


They’ll not flash in Live.

In Live you’ll not be able to F9 give yourself a variation of the block. You’ll only be able to craft and harvest the base “off” version.


No - they don’t emit light. Updating the lighting as they animated would be too expensive and I ant desirable when building animations.

They’ll not in Live.

Because it’s consistent with the systems that already existed. Using Spanners would have been inconsistent and required additional logic. Using the forged boon only required some data and the system just worked.


thanks for the answers

Because I am slow. . So I will craft the base LED version which is off. Then forge the block to assign a lighting pattern?