Testing 208: LED Blocks and Forge++!


Yes, they def do not emit light…this is a screenshot of them on a shelf at night.
Disclaimer: This is not how they will look in the live version…you will see them in “OFF MODE” in BL live. This screenshot was taken while testing things on the test server only.


Thanks again for the demo. I understand the reason behind it not emiting light but that is too bad. Back to refined gleam for lighting.


I’m pretty sure the lighting pattern comes from your chisel work…or I’m not understanding at all, lol.

  1. You can only craft, carry, store and collect the base “off” version.

  2. Once placed you can Forge-chisel the lighting animations.

  3. If mined you’ll only get the “off” version again.

(All the screenshots above will not be possible when you can’t cheat give the variations into your inventory.)


Is it just me who actually likes the off versions? I can see a lot of use for those.


I like the off to, looks nice for various builds :slight_smile:


Does this include “mining” via power coil?


Very cool. Can’t wait to remake my store “logo/sign” out of these. The animating will make for some interesting decorations and such (like those gokarts people have made can have moving wheels)


Can someone give me the recipe on test server for led block to start farming them, as I would need a lot.


i see this being super hard to do with spitter’s aim + there last hit death rattles




Edit: BRB removing all super cheap tech remnants from my shop.


you need a block changer chisel to use them? ouch >.<


Tech remnants just went way up in price…and that’s a good thing!


I agree completely with this. This might actually help to save the economy a bit, from a bottom-up perspective. Put more money in the hands of new/lower tiered players. @Biv


Exactly my thought. That a lot of fragments. Even high level players will run out of stock quick.


Yes. I was sitting on test pondering how quickly they could get new blocks and other art out because new recipes = new demand. Get money out of the pockets of impatient, well off people and into the hands of willing farmers.


everyone stay away from my Tech remnants shop stand. the store is not on the biitula portal network and does not have a sign listing FeelzGoodz


Yes. I’m going to play on test and see how it feels to get there. Am I right in thinking that;

  • Block change can be on any tier of chisel, but
  • Only gem chisels can change gem blocks

I guess I need to see if I can e.g. forge a cheap stone chisel with the Boon and affect base LED blocks with it. See what the resource demands to get there are.


yea hopefully its cheep otherwise pure crafters are going to be pissed that they have to get into forging to use the blocks


I don’t have any tech remnants in a shop stand in grindstone for 5c EA. Don’t bother going to grindstone and to the patchwork house just down the road to the left from the temple of commerce. Lolololol