Testing 208: LED Blocks and Forge++!


Block change chisels are very easy to target and make in forge. I run copper ones around 400c each. Simple one target boon and everything so even new forgers (with a bit of research since knowledge is woeful about forging) can make it with relative ease.


Extremely easy and fairly cheap to make them for sure


its like they made that for my modern villa in the hills off maryx
thx for screenshots


Kind of: every block has a hardness, and each tier of tool can chisel/change blocks at that tier and below.

The LED blocks have a hardness of 3, which is the same as silver/gold blocks. So whatever works for those. I think we’re ok with lower tier chisels (metal chisels, I think—or maybe titanium+)


Copper block change can change gold/silver blocks.


Thanks both!


You can change gold to silver and silver to gold?


Should LEDs consume spark?

My vote is yes.


Not only no but heck no.

It’s full time work to keep my spark fueled as it is.

So much peat…


If the future plan is to change it like that I would rather have it change now than before people get use to it without using spark. But it would make sense to be I’d be okay as long as is not a ridiculous amount


Yeah, block changing chisel can change copper and iron blocks between eachother, and gold and silver blocks between eachother. With a gem block changing chisel you can swap gems between their paired gem. Diamond and ruby, sapphire and topaz, emerald and amethyst. Only really need one to get both with those chisels.


I thought they did away with hardness in EA. Maybe just for mining though? (used to need certain tier tools to mine more advanced resources, e g. you needed iron to mine silver, and maybe silver to mine gems? Can’t remember lol)


Time to farm ice i guess. :thinking:


Here is my thought… if it’s to tie into a future redstone (or spark like) system… then I really really would like this.


I’ve never played on Test server. Things you do there don’t carry over I assume? Like XP earned, or items crafted, work to your base, etc.


Nope. Completely isolated


You are correct test server have no relation with live.


I think it just got reused for chisels, and probably isn’t referenced anywhere else


All of these bugs are still there. What the item quirk actually does, vs what it says on the weapon being the biggest one. If someone goes to buy a hammer, and it does the opposite of what it says… well you get the picture @james


how to skip machine crafting time?
or, we need this feature