Testing 208: LED Blocks and Forge++!


And where is your shop?


Do you think LEDs are great improvement which we actually need?

  • Surely! That’s like Armstrong’s step for this sci-fi game.
  • Do you joke? We actually need something other. Something what we really wait for years.

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Which notes are missing?


To the question of Okkelinor:

I think thats complaining on a high comfort level.
It was hard work for the developers to make the game to that what it is today. I’m thankful for all things that they develop for us. Thank you Developers and Keep it up! :slight_smile:


It’s a toss up. Everytime something gets released, there are those that want something else. If its just bug-fixes, they want new blocks. If it’s new blocks, they want Titans. And when it finally is Titans, there will be those that want new blocks… lol. seen it happen every update


I here since febuary 2014 and I saw it all by my own eyes. I vote for farming in Oort Online Vote #3 so I would hope to see farming three years ago. I’m very patient as you can see.

It would be “high comfort level” if 80% of players haven’t build huge gleam boxes. But now these ugly boxes will become huge blinking gleam boxes.


If you’re worried about it delaying other desired features, I wouldn’t. The way they did them they probably were real easy to implement. They already have the block changing system so all they had to do was get a simple art asset made. Very little programming work, I expect.


Has anyone tested to see if the blinking LED patterns are visible from spaaace?

I’m guessing not, but one can hope :slight_smile:


They are not. The Planet “picture” is a still image updated every now and then


I would also vote no to having the LED require spark. On top of not wanting to waste spark to make a block actually work, I do not want to have to run spark cable all over my build. Especially with the 100 length limit this seems like a bad idea to me.

If they decide to make the LED blocks use spark then I would probably never use them.


Little Japan. The forge


I think these changes are awesome.

But still… considering some of the insane gleam stuff I’ve seen… oh gawd my eyes hurt already!!! :scream: hehe


since some ppl seems to dont like the LED animations, maybe there should be a graphic setting to turn the animations off.

i think i will like them, even when i think everything will blink and everything will look like vegas, but its the same with gleam, you dont need to use it if you dont like it.


I have no idea if I like them or not, is there a video yet that shows it off?

Whoops, there is, don’t mind me!


Saw the video, i think the LED lights have a lot of potential, especially considering how creative some of you guys are at building

Also since they require refined gleam I anticipate a refined gleam prestige nerf coming :eyes::tada::joy:


I am sorry but those LED’s are the ugliest thing I have ever seen you guys come up with. I sincerely hope there is an off switch for those who don’t want to see every city blink like Vegas.


To me, it depends on how they’ll be used.
Probably gonna be a bit overwhelming if use as the main attraction but if used more subtly, creativity and with a bit of restraint then I welcome our new led overlords.
Who am I kidding…big city hubs will be one blinking nightmare :stuck_out_tongue:
Oh well, time to retreat to a leafy glen somewhere in the woods…


Yea i hope people dont go overboard. I wont use em on the outside of my build. Probably just on the steps down into my workshop depending how it turns out


I agree with the person that mentioned they’d be really cool in a build, in off mode. Kinda like metal rivet stuff. Not sure if/where I’d use them in “on” mode. Maybe underwater. I think it’s cool that they added a new interactive block as an option in the game though. Interactive things = :sparkling_heart:


Noooo! Not ease, effect! Lol. Yup i churned out a few stacks of max durable stone change chisels (as they have the same dura) last night in preparation :grin: