Testing 208: LED Blocks and Forge++!


I actually very rarely have seen huge gleam boxes. Even if there were huge gleam boxes, player can build what they want. People complaining about huge gleam builds, in my opinion are reaching out to complain. since there by far is only a small percent of such builds.


I haven’t seen all the patterns but I’m hoping it might be possible to use them in alternating patterns to make walkway lights that direct people toward some location. (“Marching ants” lights)


@james So in the comment of all the previous forged ingredients going missing after the update, is this something only expected on test, or what will go missing on live? Can we prepare now for it?

@Manabanana could you be more specific


Completely possible yup. As a hint, you’d want to use them in a 1 on 3 off pattern, as a 1on 1off pattern or similar 1:1 ratio can appear to “walk” either way.


with the length limit on the spark links is a real problem.
on the other side is a good way to have an on/off switch. :slight_smile:


To clarify, I actually like the LED blocks. And I like gleam blocks. What some people do with them on the other hand…

But that’s entirely personal preference so I’m very glad they are in the game and folks can choose to use them, or not, however they wish.


Love the LED blocks. I’ve redesigned my engines on my build for them.


Your shop will get a visit tonight. What is the easiest route. I’m not familiar with either location.


Man, sure seeing lots of empty shop stands where tech remnants used to be.


Little Japan is Located in one of the big portals under the clock tower in Ultima hub capitol. Through that there are player portals forward a little and in a building on the right, last in the building is for crafter row. Shop is right through that portal.

Though that’s possibly the worst way to enjoy little Japan. You can just turn right out of the big portal and meander through the amazing town. It really has some of the absolute best builds I have ever seen. We have some dedicated magicians with blocks and chisels for sure living here. There are signs on the road leading to the forge, and you get to see so much great stuff :slight_smile:

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I’m not sure I understand the question.

But Testing 208 will go to Live next week assuming nothing major is discovered.


Someone had a forge loaded with ingredients that all went missing when the test server updated. I think she’s asking if that is intentional.


That’s awesome news to hear that this update will be going LIVE very soon (next week), I can’t wait for the new LED lights :grin:


I in the small camp of “really excited for the dark version”.


Let me say something bad!!!

This Led Blocks are



Is there any forge ingredients in our inventories, that will disappear or become completely obsolete after the update?


I don’t think so. The release notes should contain everything.


Thank you very much for the reply. I love the update, and all that’s in it. You guys know what your doing and are the best most active dev team I’ve seen. And I’ve played games since pong.


After the event, Will snowballs leave our inventories?


Test faster!!

Why oh why can’t updates come out BEFORE the weekend? Lol