Testing 208: LED Blocks and Forge++!


I had 2 forges on test full of ingredients… When the patch was rolled out on test, everything was deleted from both my forges inventories. I logged in and both were empty after having been full the previous day.



To be more clear the “input ingredients” were deleted. The output forged items were ok.


Actually question here about the number 5 aoe random pattern. Is it going away? I find it idiotic that the top tier most invested aoe boon is actually one of the crappiest things to have on a hammer. Please tell me this is going away in the new system.

also as it has been said before, washing a boon off just to get it back like 4 times in a row is bullcrap. Hope this doesn’t make it into the update.


They will melt and become melten snowballs. Mhhhhhh… maybe they will become placable water? :wink:


9th attempt… 5 different bar set ups. i think i have an idea of what to do. any suggestions on a bar?


still can’t get damage on it in test?


this could also be good for epileptic people i think they seem to be a possible trigger in my eyez


Just want to resurface and point to support for this!


Hello all was wondering if anyone feels they will be using drain boon compond and vigor catalyst after the forge update. From my understanding vigor catalyst will not longer flood you with vigor as it does now.


I’m not sure if it’ll cause troubles—but from poking around testing data, the bag o’ snowballs is marked as requiring power & spark (but is also marked as hand craftable)


Have “fixed” that, it really wouldn’t of done much, but worth cleaning up the data anyway :wink:


Well with some quirks that can benefit you it may be still used a bit since the draining compound can add them and you still need to use vigor catalyst to remove gums you no longer need but it won’t be the regen ability we used to have that helped craft decent gear thus a lot of people will have hard times until we can adjust to new methods.

People will be needing more coils now to be able to survive mid range crafting unfortunately with higher effectiveness so centraforge prices could increase for a bit and even more so since amethysts / emeralds are still the worst gem to gather.


Some might increase the coil price, but i’ve had no problem getting those gems :slight_smile: I’ll be keeping them the same price on the update day


Was this a hidden nerf?

“Average player flexibility reduced from 40 to 30” /s :yum:


I figured that would be the case. Upgraded my forge to max power this weekend to get ready for the patch


Yeah my forge is at max, and with my time on testing I feel that I should be able to drop prices on most forged goods. Top end hammers probably not due to solvent and trophy prices still being rediculous. But everything else will take cheaper compounds.


Same here. All my advanced coils will remain sub-5k.


What about more flexible beacon permissions? Does it in development? Will that be released with guild system or possibly earlier?


Forging actually possible without craptone of scavenging non-existing resources? I may actually play this game again.


That’s a bit of a contradictory question. Yes, forging is possible without farming the rarest ingredients, but it is typically easier when you can access the best stuff just like most other things in the game.