Testing 208: LED Blocks and Forge++!


@james Is the winter event and the forge/led block update considered 2 separate updates? Curious if the forge update is this Thursday as opposed to the winter update on the 18th?

Also, will the winter item recipes stay after the event like the spooky seeds?


Jiivita did a video on them


This release contains both the LED blocks and everything for the Winter event. So it’s good to go… you might even spot it snowing before the event starts.

Yes - the recipes will remain after the event.


All the recipes will remain with the exception of the Snowballs. They wont be craftable outside of the event, however you will be able to keep any you have already crafted.
This is to remove an item which would be rather confusing to new players (they are hand craftable from ice) joining Boundless after the event. That is not to say they will be gone forever; who knows when they will pop back in your crafting screen…


[shaking fist]


[shaking fist]


Though I understand if you want to keep them special, this means they will be unobtainable to some new players. You could leave the recipe with a description that explains they’re just cosmetic outside of the event. People would enjoy throwing these year-round I suspect.


Well this release is tomorrow Wednesday not Thursday, and it is the led, and forge. Cool. I was worried we would have to wait until the 18th for the forge and led’s. Just read the notes for tomorrow.


Event will not require additional updates. It works by timer which will on/off possibility of using existing recipes. As you could spot the game hadn’t update when Halloween’s event started and finished. Just seeds was started to drop by timer and stopped by timer.


I sell 2k Dura Typechange Titanium for 6k if you need any. :slight_smile:

Some of them even have 0 energy cost.


Updated OP with details of the minor patches we’ve made to Testing.


And we’re back


Awesome! Thank you!


Awesome - I was looking for that last night, as I noticed my icon had gone from red to green!


Imperfect boon compounds now add defect points too alongside its original quirk points, was not in the patch notes.


Are you sure about this? Imperfect Compounds only give Boon and Defect points, this has not changed. Perhaps you have it confused with Unstable Boon compounds? These give Boon, Quirks and defect points, but again, this has not changed.


Oh my mistake, thought they were supposed to add boon and quirk points.




Updated OP with details of 208.2.