Testing 212: Poles, Beams and Letter boxes!


You can chisel them too to change their orientation! Very fun!


So much want…


Is that regular stone pole if so that be mine :grin: the one with the basic wood poles


Okay, dumb question.

Can someone tell me what the prestige of a wood pole or beam is vs. a stack of chiseled refined wood of the same height?


When you open the chat log, “L2” will bring up a drop down menu of different chat filters.


Looks like the stack names aren’t getting generated. So when a bunch of different poles are stacked, it’s just called “Smart Stack” instead of “Pole Smart Stack.”


They. Are. Glorious!


Hmp, there goes all my alloys I was reserving for machined titanium build!



One concern though: As more and more meshes get added to the game I hope the limit per chunk increases or some other solution in thought of.


OMG… so many Quality of Life improvments!!! Holy moly hands down one of the best patches in long time. Thanks Devs!!


So excited. :blush:

Question: in the sample screen shot, is that stylish copper poles and an ornate gleam beam? What color gleam?

Because it is a gorgeous combination!

(And I very possibly want to use it myself. ^.^ )


Pole and beam the same thing? And what about the mailbox


Different things. Look at @Stretchious post.


Oh, and did I mention “want”?

Because WANT!

If you say want enough times, it starts to sound weird.


I meant are the crafting requirements same and what are the requirements for the mailbox. Reason why I replied to the guy who posted the requirements in the first place


Oh, my bad.


Lol finally we can create electric fences for wildstock :sweat_smile:


@majorvex would by chance be able to post the mass craft requirements for the beams and letterbox


10/10/2/4 to make one


I think someone did at least for gleam ones.