Testing 212: Poles, Beams and Letter boxes!


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I think these decorations will stick around much longer than the Halloween and Christmas ones did

Mass craft:
36/18/54, 36/180/36, 36/18/18


In my screenshot I showed all ornate.


What the 2nd from right? Stylish metal?really like the colour


Finally i can build a real hobo hut with poleslol


Uh ohhhh this update is demonstrating the True Power of Boundless


Grapples and beams seem like a good combo in some builds/arenas… Also need dinner plates as a thing for the poles… Will have to try spinning a hopper in the mean time


Oh my god… Yeeess


So many good quality of life changes.
I’m really hyped.

My favorites:

This is such a great solution! I can finally start to spec max dex and use gem chisels!

Much appreciated.

Needless to say that I love poles and beams:


Awesome update. I’m glad to see that fine art coming into game. More possibilities for building nice without improvisation.


I may have missed it somewhere but…

Is it possible to add or make it clearer to see if it’s already in game, the ability when buying items to be presented with the option to pay using guild funds where appropriate permissions exist rather than what seems to be the current method of transferring coin from guild pot to a character.

This would allow high level guild members the ability to simply go shopping and pay directly with guild funds.


These mat costs are very reasonable.

Clappy hands


Oh my. That’s lovely.

Have you experimented at all with what the beams or poles look like with sign moduals?


There is no special interaction. It’s like putting signs on chiseled blocks or on props.


Aw maaaaaaaaaan…

Is there any support in the engine for offsetting meshes yet? Kind of like what kerning does for fonts. So when a wall item is adjacent to a pole it offsets the sign back a bunch.

Lots of stuff could use this. You could detect half-chiseled blocks and offset to compensate so now you can put stuff on half-chiseled blocks.


As stated in the patch notes above, that system already exists and is currently in use for surface resources and flowers on sloped terrain.

But I guess it could create a lot of confusion if the mesh would offset out if it’s voxel and leave a seemingly empty block as it would happen with signs against poles/beams or request baskets on slabs.


Yeah, all good points.

Okay… let’s try going the other way. The poles are already detecting their neighbors to decide which orientation/bend to use. There could be 1 more (but really 12 more… :worried:) style which detects signs or wall decos and comes to the edge of the pole’s voxel to meet the sign. This solution isn’t generalized…it’s going to keep coming back… so I’m not a big fan. But maybe poles+signs is an important enough interaction to make it worth doing this time.

edit: was working on a cruddy mockup of what I mean and found the hidden elephant. Can’t unsee.



Thx again for the nice Patch.
Are there any news on a native Linux version? @james


Or a PS4 Deluxe upgade??? @james


Or VR version…


Great jobs devs you make the game better and better