Testing 212: Poles, Beams and Letter boxes!


Any update with aoe spanner bug @james



Will the Decorative Totem Poles (TROPHIES!) also be included in this update or will they be done in a future update?

Art Concepts fond here: Art: Decorative Totems (Trophies?) and Poles Update! [IMAGE HEAVY!]


The deco totems are not in this update - at least they’re not on testing


What about the farming system, when will this finally be released?


I’m guessing when it’s ready :wink:


Oh yes please! I’m a PC player but I’d happily buy another copy of the game on PS4 if it came with PSVR support! One day perhaps? Here’s hoping. :slight_smile:


Sadly I don’t think we will see a game like this on PSVR. I love my PSVR, have some awesome stuff for it, but it requires much more processing power to be able to show games in VR than in TV/monitor mode.

Perhaps the PS5 will be able to do such things with ease! And am hoping it will be PSVR compatible and then after a few years they will release PSVR2…


Yea, those are good points, actually. Well, like you say, perhaps the PS5 will open more possibilities and hopefully we’ll get a port of BL to that console. One can only hope.

Oh and, Aenea… You might want to message Jiivita. He’s looking for a spot in New Leyden. (His latest video told me :stuck_out_tongue: )


Yeah I know, I heard, will watch his vid in a bit.


I ran into Jiivita in the Market while he was doing that video. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, rub it in will ya, lol

I sent him a PM here on the forums…


will there be gates to match the poles at some point in the future?


All the doors, poles and beams share the same configuration: 4 materials x 3 designs.

So I guess my question is - what’s the difference between a door and a gate?


I didn’t ask the question but I’ll be obnoxious and jump in.

Alignment perhaps?

Unless doors offset to match the centered positions of the poles and beams, then the door would be noticeably at the edge of a block while those are centered, probably leaving an unsightly gap.

But I haven’t been to the test server yet to see if the doors would be acting like that when adjacent to those so if they’ve been centered, please disregard.


If I may jump in too, maybe gates occupy 2 or more blocks per “door” so basically theyre wider than the doors we have?


Can the poles or beams be chiseled?
If so, do they simply rotate?


Yes, that would be neat too, not just as ‘gates’ but for doors as well. The proportions for the existing doors can get weird for using in larger buildings. Castle gates and such.

(reminds me of drawbridges :heart_eyes:)


We already do this for torches on slopes. The torch occupies the block above the slope but is offset down onto the slope (so hardly any of it is inside it’s own block).


But we only support offsets on simple meshes. Offsetting a multi-voxel sign would be much more complicated. (And I don’t believe any of the offset meshes have player collision.)


Are the matching fences coming to?

From Minyis post there are poles, beams and fences.