Testing 212: Poles, Beams and Letter boxes!


You can use them to make a fence. It’s purely cosmetic though…the creatures are able to come inside.


Gates please!!!


Or a second set of poles/beams that go along the edges of the voxels would work. They could be used as trim on full blocks, and would be usable with the current doors.


Yeah, that’s a good point. Can creatures walk past the pole if it’s up against a block?


I can see use cases for both centered poles and edge aligned poles.

The centered poles offer new aesthetic possibilities in builds where previously you were limited to spark link.

The edge aligned poles play nicely with existing meshes like doors and signs which are also edge aligned.

This is a conundrum! I can see this coming up more and more as mesh decos get added and the combinatorial matrix grows.


They can all hop over it since it’s one block high


Just have to make it two blocks high then.


Ahhh, what if there’s a second beam layer? Can they make it through the gap in the beams?


I was really hoping to see a new, blue topic today. :slight_smile:


Tomorrow; they generally update on Tuesdays.


@james Thanks for this, it works flawlessly.

Could something like that be added for tool ?


Oh, yeah. It’s only Monday


Indeed, but we usually would have seen the server maintenance warning for quite a few hours already…


Yes it could be - but it’s not enabled by default as “you nerfed my mining speed” is a concern.


what would it change ? Is this not just a delay before it does the full speed ? Atm you can set 4 different delay(none,short,medium,long) on block placement speed. So i do not see why it would be a "you nerfed my mining speed " for tools.


I believe he is saying you would have to enable it so people wouldn’t blame the devs for the slower tool speed.


He was saying the default setting at release will be off, so the people that don’t follow patch notes or the testing server don’t get all up in their feelings that the delay is making them slower.


It’ll be tomorrow - maintenance warning has been seen in game and Twitter message has gone out about downtime tomorrow at 9:30 UTC


But why couldn’t it be on my day off like normal


What’s a mass craft on those cost?