Testing 212: Poles, Beams and Letter boxes!


Yep, I saw, been in the game for a few hours already, but… when I wrote it, it was still Monday evening :wink:


And you couldnt tell the rest of us stuck at work!?


What!? You guys have time to work besides playing Boundless? Slackers!



Cant pay for gleam club without a job :joy:


Added @Jiivita release overview video to the OP.


ok i miss interpret this i guess. i thought he was saying that they can do it but won’t do it by fear of playing saying it would nerf mining speed.


Can mailboxes convey items or coin?


Not at this time


What are ppl going to get up to with poles when they’re released? I have a ton of chunky chiseled fences I can replace as well as the legs on some docks.

And I’m also considering an addition to The Poorly Lit Glass Bridge of Death. Anyone want to try crossing a lake of lava by jumping from pole to pole? I’ll leave a mailbox at the end of the path so you can tell me how much fun you had :sun_with_face::sun_with_face:


Sorry - I wasn’t clear.

The system is only enabled on the chisel and block placement.

We could also enable the system on other tools but at the moment it’s disabled in code (not in the options).

If there is demand for it we can definitely do it. It’s likely a trivial change. But it’s not in this coming release.


I am probably one of the few using gem chisel with speed brew to get the maximum speed on them. On my builder i am using topaz hammer, when speed brew effect is on, it tend to do 2 actions aswell on hammer then breaking 2 blocks on a single action.

So i think an additional option for tools couldn’t hurt.

If i can be precise on every aspect of the building, it would save time and “anger” about replacing or rebuilding something that was not supposed to be broke.

Plus somewhat saving some durability on tools.


We can make all sorts of tables now ;-; i’m so happy for this upcoming update!


Boundless: Coffee Table Update

… it’s finally happening!


Sweet going to have to make some changes


That’s your bridge? So cruel.


This update is looking great!

Is it possible to introduce this for switching weapons and tools with quirks on them, or maybe buffs in general as well? Nutritionally Challenged and Bleeding Edge have the positive aspect of their buffs repeatedly nullified by the need to switch items. Especially during combat, we can’t really afford to keep something equipped permanently, since we need to switch between weapons, grapples, loot collectors, totems, bombs, food and brews frequently.


None of my alts can now see the footfall total in beacons owned by another one of my alts, even though all of my alts have full permissions on all of my beacons.

Is this as intended?

And will their be an option to give permission to a non beacon owner to collect the coin from a beacon.

One alt deals with all the buying and selling and it would be much less of a pain if it could just go collect from all my beacons.

I know I could create a guild and align them all to that, but then it would remove them from ‘settlement guild’.


Is that beacon aligned to a guild? Are those alts in the same guild as the beacon owner?


Beacons are guild aligned but not controlled, all alts are in same guild.


This was changed because there was confusion about which permissions were required to see different details on a beacon. As ONLY the owner was allowed to collect footfall it was concluded that only the owner should see the footfall.

It’s minor to alter if we think it should work another way.