Testing 212: Poles, Beams and Letter boxes!


Would it be possible to give permission to the non beacon owner to collect coin from the beacon? Outside of guilds.

Or is there some reason I’m missing that this would be a bad idea?


We would likely need to introduce a new permission. This other player (or alt) would be able to clean you out.

The next question is how many other players would want this? Because say it was only 1%, then we would be making the game a little bit more complicated for 99% of players without a value.


deleted.I read that wrong


I think allowing alts to collect coin should be a thing.


I’m not sure how everyone else goes about it, but I know at least a few that has to keep switching characters to collect their footfall and the ability to do this on one character would be a little, but notable, QoL improvement!


I use my crafter character to be the coin holder for all my characters. (using a request basket to transfer the coin) He’s the one who does the running around buying the mats etc. needed to craft stuff. So yea, I’d love it if I could collect the coin from all my beacons on that character.

But I get where you’re coming from. Not all players may want this. So, perhaps a poll would be a good idea? :wink:


I agree. Allowing alts to be able to collect same account footfall, is a massive yes from me.


As pointed out - it is possible with a personal guild and controlled beacons.

But the issue is that you can’t align a beacon to 2 guilds…


Wasn’t aware you could do this. I looked at my personal guild settings but couldn’t see anything, and all my beacons are aligned.


Just realised - is this a new feature in the latest update?


I was thinking of doing this but decided not to because I prefer to align with the real guild I’m currently with. So, the option or extra permission would still be a great help to me and others like me, I’m sure. :slight_smile:


Screw it - let us just support aligning guilds to guilds.

Think my head would explode!!

(Joking before anyone takes this idea seriously!!)


But it’s a great idea. My personal bases could be controlled by my guild but aligned to Ultima

Edit: but I get how unnecessary this would be and how much of a headache this probably would be


Sounds great. Make it happen! And while we’re at it, Can we have cakes with cherries on top? Thanks. :rofl:


That is not a solution then…

I would also like to collect footfall with my alts and find it utterly annoying that I now can’t even see if there’s any coin in there to collect, I need to purposely switch char, run to the beacon and check.


While we are at it… If all beacons of the same character in the same settlement kinda count as 1 for the calculations of footfall, would it be possible to designate one beacon per character in same settlement as the master settlement beacon?

I have 1 char that has 4 beacons, people can hit 1 first over the other so all can collect footfall and I have to run around to all 4 to check and since it’s my crafter alt that is not all that handy…


i also agree collecting footfall from alt beacon should be a thing or custom permission that give access to beacon footfall.


Enjoying the new poles and beams… too bad they are centered… would love to see an option where one can use a changing chisel to move the pole and or beams to the side to be against a wall instead of it always being centered. :slight_smile:


Just like guilds in general are kinda unnecessary other than giving some settlement protection. Most people have one of the handful of big guilds as primary merely for the buffs and have other guilds to do the settlement alignment which is not really what I would’ve expected guilds to do.

I also expected it would be much more feasible to run your own smaller guild but due to the enormous coin costs that is absolutely not worth it…

I feel the costs of the buffs is causing people wanting to align with the bigger guilds even tho they would’ve liked to be in their own smaller one, and I kinda dislike that idea with a passion…


loving the new beams and poles however… now we need more metal colours, there is plenty of colours for stone, wood and gleam but metal only has copper, iron, silver, gold and titanium.

also are gem beams and poles going to be a consideration at some point?