Testing 212: Poles, Beams and Letter boxes!


We have discussed doing this recently - especially whilst we’ve been looking at the footfall system (and watching everyone else look at the footfall system).

Footfall is fundamentally a Settlement system. So I think it would be much clearer if you could open any beacon in the settlement and collect for footfall for the whole settlement.

We would just need to move the GUI around a little and make it clear that this was a settlement action, instead of a per beacon action.

I’ve made a note and will try and include this in a future update.


I think the issue is more that you can’t have a beacon aligned to one guild and controlled by another. I have a beacon in Gyosha Mall, would love to have it aligned to the mall guild but have it controlled by my personal guild. It would make permission management for the beacon much easier. Even better if I could collect footfall from any alt


Why not through the Guild Control? You already got every beacon listed on there an option to click on a specific beacon to collect coin would be pretty nice.

Did I mentioned hand held guild controls yet? I been meaning to throw that in the suggestions box :stuck_out_tongue:


Not to mention you can quickly pay out coin to members based on rank, or put it into the coffer for helix buffs.


Awesome, thanks!

Now, what about that deluxe upgrade? :joy:


love the new MAILBOX @james :joy:
been handing them out all evening
even added a spam lawrizze box at the embassy hub


Thanks for the inspiration! Looks nice already.


I alrdy sent him mail. Doctor evil


Oh lord… @james please reconsider this item :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m a little scared that all these actions lead to the point where we have to split the plots for everything we build between our 10 chars to get the maximum amount of footfall, and be conveniently able to collect all with one char at one beacon.

Can you please also consider to only generate footfall for one char per account per settlement. Basically treat all your alts beacon like additional beacons of one single char, for the calculation of footfall.


Just curious, but why would you align your beacon to a guild “you don’t care about”? Just to block the settlement screen that blocks all interaction with your shop for 5 seconds?


Can even make fish tanks lol


I made stools. I will be using the metal one. @morey523


Nice hadn’t thought about that


I like the intention and convenience that comes with it, but I also like the granularity to see the activity of each individual beacon.
It helps me to understand how people are moving through the village. From where they enter, which beacon is lacking, etc.
If this GUI change comes into being, could we also get a list displaying the individual beacons contribution to the total sum we are collecting?


Since footfall is much lower that it used to be before release 211 my footfall will be cut even further with what you are proposing. Not a good idea unless footfall is changed dramatically…

Also, if all plots would be account wide I would not even have created seperate beacons at all since that is how it started…


Games must always be designed in a way that the most efficient way is also the most fun way - or at least a fun way. Otherwise people will have to pick efficiency over fun, and will stop loving the game. (e.g. what garrisons did to WoW)

Alts are awesome. But using alts must never be a huge advantage then not using them. Especially not if it just takes a cake to max them out. With a well placed alt you can double your footfall. This is freaking stupid!

Buff footfall or not, I don’t really care. But if there’s an un-fun way to get more, I’ll do it, burn out and leave. And I’m not the only one.


The settlement notification is part of it, but I do also care about aligning my prestige with TGS. I like what majorvex has done with the place, and aligning my beacon helps make sure control of the greater settlement stays with them.

My personal guild is mostly for protecting my separate standalone settlement from absorption, but it also helps with permission control on my alts. Hence why I’d like to align my shop beacon to TGS but have it controlled by my personal guild.


You’re right garrisons may be what ultimately made me quit WoW. Or maybe the fact i was trying to run a garrison on all 10 of my characters :joy:. Either way i agree


a quick patch or just restarting servers for performance?

PS. that was quick lads :sunglasses: