Testing 214: New player polish!


This is the right direction.

Far too much development time has been spent attempting to create convoluted systems in Boundless, instead of just simple balance changes.

The next step is allowing any settlement leader to opt in, or out, of whether they want their settlement to be absorbed by someone who puts a high prestige building next to them. This simplifies Guilds far more.

Perhaps bring bomb mining back also, and simply have a set % chance an ore/fossil is destroyed by a bomb, such that you can match the efficiency with that of AOE hammers.

It sucks to delete hundreds of hours of work, but there’s literally no point continuing to develop some of the systems you’ve put in place. You’re just tangling the web of strings further and further with each bandaid fix you add to footfall, guilds, beacons, etc.


Anything that saves me time this is great


@james all good things thank you.
Now is the keys to locks going to be on the next testing release. I would prefer the next one not this one due to how much player content can be created by making a key item instead of just permissions. 3 things locks need
Craftable One time use keys
Craftable Permanent keys
And the ability to grant permission to the lock to other players.


Lots of nice chages, that were indeed needed. (yeah, yeah!)

Ehmmmm, why hasn’t anyone commented on this yet?

I mean: WAIT! WHAT???

Is anyone able to see on Testing what that exchange promotion is? To get more info about those special worlds???


Might be a menu on testing hopefully something to dig some information up


Between that note and the note about removing worlds, the limited time planets MIGHT come with this patch


Yup! Hence why I soooo wanna know more about it!

PC players, start digging around please! Give us info!


I wonder how this will work. Will the hubs be able to set up temporary portals to the temp worlds?




The revive button on Xbox controllers isn’t working…left mouse button still does.


Sooooooome wheeeeeeeeere under the gleambooooooow…


Reading patch notes might be my favorite thing ever. Looking forward to the atlas improvements a lot!


Whatever Gleambows are…I just want to give the devs a big high five! This sounds really fun and is specific to Oortizens/Boundless & not Earthling holidays (but can we keep Valentine’s stuff? lol)


There you go. :slight_smile:


Why did you Black the timer out?


Curious about this myself.


I wasn’t sure if they meant to leave it there.


yea might not be accurate


I’m always chasing gleambows…


Found a game without convoluted systems for you: