Testing 214: New player polish!


Special worlds is like the beginning of the T7 journey for them…


This is already done with guild update. You have your own settlement. If you mean not letting a settlement become linked at any level then I think that needs to be discussed further on why people don’t want Towns to be created.


In response the the “remove worlds” comments from the other day that people were talking about. This is WHY they spent the time to work on that. Hopefully people can start to understand why some things need to be done first before other things get added.



Good QOL stuff, thanks.


I wonder what the “GET NOW” implies? Interesting.


It’s a button that takes you to another page where I guess you can select the place/planet/etc, but it’s not available yet.


As usual awesome awesome awesome :heart_eyes:.


Oh that’s interesting! Thanks. I wonder if you need a cubit paid pass or something. Exciting!


If I walk into a town, does it say “now entering so and so town” still? But also say the name of the guild you’ve entered?


Each settlement is displayed as you go through it. Plus in the listing of that settlement you see the guild name and the about of prestige they have in the overall town.

Allowing people to completely opt out might be a bigger issue from the development side with how settlements are created in the plot layout. Plus it provides some griefing opportunity for people to mess up the larger settlement. So I think the devs aren’t fully set to allow people to completely opt out of a town setup… nor do they believe it makes sense since in the real world we have towns and cities with sub sections.

I think if the community really wants a full opt out people need to continue the discussion and find ways to influence the devs on why it is smart.

For me I am just happy they did listen to us and allow at least each person to create a guild and have their own settlement identity. I pushed hard for that as did others and we did get the change.


Fair enough, but the thing is, when this game released, no one asked for their current implementation.

They asked for something very simple, to opt out, so when you entered an area, it said one, and only one thing, “Entering The Shire” or something. No other information.

This, to me, is an example of the developers once again trying to meet players halfway, and in doing so, implementing a system that neither does what people asked, but is convoluted, much like the “skill sets” caused so much confusion for new players.

They need to stop trying to please everyone, and just pick a direction for the game. The biggest problem I think they have is the community they use for feedback has been so small that you have one or two people constantly whining about certain things, and in the end it’s utterly pointless because the current playerbase isn’t enough to fund development.

I said MONTHS AGO this game needed an in-game poll function, or review function, for players, instead of relying on the community here. They’re just NOW adding that in? They’ve missed out on months and months of feedback from the hundreds of players who quit, and now the sample size of information they have is the small group of players who still frequent these forums.

I’m baffled.


They have picked a direction. I’ve had a few discussions with James on the settlement design. He is very clear on having things the way we see it in the real life - London as the larger city with smaller towns or areas that make up from it.

At this point people have not either changed his mind on why it is needed nor provided the information to show why the full opt out is actually required.

Lastly, the settlement coding is complex and some things are not easy to solve even if they did want this.

I think we all have seen things we felt was best to put first in development. The reality is they ended up having to release sooner than expected. This required them to go into triage mode and get other things in place that were more critical in their views. They did what they could and I’m certain they aren’t thrilled with all the decisions either but sometimes you have to make some choices over others for the larger reason.


My opinions are not very strong on this issue.

What I know is this. I have worked my behind off on High Ridge. The idea that someone can build next to me and fill their basement with gleam to take over all that I have done is horrible. At this point I should have the ability to decide who is allowed to join. Or, more precisely, the ability to block out someone who is intent on taking over.

Someone coming through my portals should never see anything but “High Ridge.”

This is the basic reason I have not pushed for people to join me. I don’t trust them to not try to take over.


Thank you, for caring about your players & making the transition for newer players more enjoyable.

Also the free home warp, awesome!

As already stated making core game better & being concerned that the game runs smoother before adding new content as a player of many past mmos that just rushed things that ending up breaking the game & destroyed the overall enjoyment is worth waiting for major updates imho.
As a PS4 player I envy the pc players who can help you test this game & help you before updates.

Keep up the good work to all of you devs working on a game I know you do love because it shows.

Cant wait to see what’s coming to Boundless future.
Good travels & Yabo🤗


I see it as friendly teasing, but I guess if you want to be a testy that is your right.


Isn’t the opposite true? I’ve never seen anyone post, “I’m so happy that settlements absorb other settlements it’s my favorite part of the game.”

I have, however, seen people say, “I hate that my settlement gets absorbed.”


I like it. We have districts and entire cities built with this design.

An opt out feature would be …fine…or annoying depending on how it was implimented.

I don’t want to build a big city and have people create pockets within it that aren’t even a part of the city…

Not sure if I am articulating that well. But many like the current system and we don’t make forum posts on it because it isn’t changing and we are fine with it.


Then plot ahead of time? Isn’t that what everyone always says?

Besides, it’s just a name, right? Isn’t that also what everyone says?


The help for the new players is EXACTLY what is needed. When we first start, the walk down that long hall is a perfect place to put images of what is needed, to pick up the totem, the warp augment and attach them point them at the planet and note to point and hold to get the connection to take. Many don’t see to read that objective at the side of what and how to do. More info on Do Not pick the second level planet, it has spitter that will kill you, some don’t realize how unsafe it is. Made for a funny video, but still.
Any other tips that would help as they take that walk with the bare walls they could stop and looking at images. Place a campfire, then place the next item, you have to place a beacon AND put fuel in it. Many seem to overlook that step. Even that you don’t have to do that the second you arrive, take a look around first I think is more important.
Over all, Awesome job, really impressed with that is being changed and added. Looking forward to it all. Love the free home, lost count of how many times I was lost and had to shell out coins I couldn’t afford to get home or spent hours trying to find a way; even now it still happens. 1500 coins for when a portal shut down was not the highlight of a recent trip.


I don’t think there is enough conversation on the use case and why a complete opt out is the better model and option to provide.

I think we have our first design option via guilds and if that really isn’t enough we should bring it up with new reasons why we need more options. I do also think we should know if it is possible or not technically feasible… I do know the settlement system is complex.