Testing 214: New player polish!


You were handly, LOL so hope you don’t mind too much. There are many here, who will get ticked off at me, but I don’t care, who push the buy the shovels, hammers and you can do it and get the brews and food and you can get a lot in no time.
Don’t think of telling them they need protection for the environment, they can’t afford those brews and tools, won’t have good skills to handle the critters and even if they can get those items, they won’t be able to go to a level six planet most likely.
some will, but most won’t.
I’d rather tell them you need to slow down and take your time over tell them they can do it and when they can’t get made and rage quit and trash the game and that is what is happening.
That is just my opinion and many won’t agree with it and that is their right.


A bunch of rambling things here, responding to various thing mentioned in this thread.

I guess I’m on the outside on this one. I keep seeing “the game doesn’t tell players what to do!!!”

Right. Isn’t figuring things out, like, the game?

I’m not even being sarcastic. I thought part of the game was not knowing exactly what you are doing and having to figure things out through trial and error.

As for the empty beacons, I get why people are upset. I still feel that there should be some minimal amount of prestige before you can fuel for more than a week or before your gleam club benefit kicks in. I’ve set up small beacon outposts all over, but I always make sure they are roughly a house type shape. Four walls and a roof, and all that.

I also think another issue we have is player attitude related. This idea that you somehow have a “right” to keep expansion room. Why? Get creative, adapt. And don’t plan larger than your means. If you only have 20 plots, don’t plan on a 100 plot build.

And, Personally, I find constantly running into town/guild names really freaking annoying. On the Storis II PS hub, I hit three settlement names between my portal and the portal to Grove Te. That’s a 10 second walk, if that.


I’ve seen your posts popping up now and again.

I think feedback is helpful, but I think we should all be careful not to fall into fallacies. It appears the game is steadily improving week over week.

I think managing current content and new player content is completely able to be done bit by bit. By iterating on the game it improves.

But please, offer feedback and opinions :slight_smile: always helpful to hear perspectives.


man that town must be crazy big


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