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Sure. I could see it being exploited as a quick return or warp which you definitely don’t want. I just feel like if I’m in a situation where I might get killed pretty quickly upon re-spawn I don’t want to be racing whatever is killing me to hit emergency warp first. Maybe make make emergency teleportation an option on the death screen so that you’ll re-spawn and immediately be teleported to a hopefully safer location?

The respawn mechanic is smart enough to spawn you in a relatively safe space (e.g. to not respawn you into lava).
However, I’d definitely also prefer it if players wouldn’t spawn right where they died but rather were to spawn outside the nearest player beacon, for example.

I’m not able to load any of my world/biome/prefab files from the old world builder (it crashes immediately).
Is this a known issue (worlds cant be migrated to the new wb version) or am I just experiencing a bug?

We are trying to fix this atm. It is a bug apparently.


Some lagging using tool, the sound play before the animation start.

I felt down in a ice crack survived but was stuck down there, used respawn and ended up in same place. Third time i got up on the surface.

Have been burnt to death in lava to, A hard first day…
But found a beautiful valley for my home. :slight_smile:

Hey if you are having problems starting the game can you try stopping the game and then completely exiting steam (close it in your system tray too!). Then try and restart.

For the sake of clarity, those are all bugs. When you die you are meant to respawn after a short time in the same spot (although moved to a save location if you died in lava or water), and that you keep all your Coin, plots and equipment. Any items with a durability stat, will lose a chunk of it.

Later we will implement something to prevent a creature that killed you from killing you immediately again.


Yesterday my beacons position was 1204, 1204, today its 1204, 1475.
Get a little confused when try to take me home.

We need snow boots!
Running on icy areas is just slow hahaha

how does warp portals work? is it implemented yet?

Yes they are. Place two warps about eachother and select your target. You need 500 coins to open the warp

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i got 700 coins, 2 warps placed in eachother, when i press the warp i see only an empty page

Hey @Squidgy, we updated the game today. Please check to see if you can access the inventory screen.



Did you fit a warp ammo on the totem? You then need to point at it to the planet you want to go. This records the coordinates on the planet. Then interact with the warp conduit and warp.

nope i didnt, you can’t use warps at the same world? works only to travel between worlds and not between distances at the same world?

Right now warps/portals on the same world (or two concurrently open warps/portals to distant locations on antoher ‘same’ world) don’t work correctly (the latter being much less likely, whilst the first will always not work) and so is currently disabled. It’s something we plan to fix and then allow so you can warp/portal on the same world too.


Are Ancient Tech Components even in the game yet?

I’m experiencing some pretty horrible lag. Internet connection seems fine as everything else is running nominally. I was fine for most of the day but now the game is just unplayable. Might be related to being near another player?

Edit: logged back in and the player nearby was gone. No lag after that.

I don’t believe so, :confused:

Darn! that’s all that’s left that I require for making power cores :frowning: