Testing 220: Chrysominter!


I would like to see the chrysominter be able to be aligned with a guild so all coin generated from it will immediately be deposited.


Chrysominter added to the boundless wiki!

Feel free to add additional information or correct any of the information I was able to dig up about the new “crafting machine”. :slight_smile:


I really like the idea of a calculated base-price for goods, so that you can always be fairly certain that there ‘will’ be request baskets out there paying more …if you can find them. I really like that we’re getting fractional prices.

My main concern is that I’d like to know what mechanics (if any) have been put in place to ensure that the same things don’t happen to this that happens to other activities within the game, namely:

  1. End game players with end game tools find the most efficient way to use the minter.
  2. The minter gets balanced around that use-case
  3. The minter becomes essentially worthless for any other users.


The problem with this is that it’s really difficult to determine that with the player base. If there’s a mechanic, the playerbase is going to try to exploit it in order to be more efficient.

Just wanting to make sure this doesn’t become a rock xp thing all over again?

I say we all just set the price of rocks to 1000c so when we put the rocks in that we can make a butload of money off of it.


Exactly. After New Leyden went down, I’ve struggled to consistently find mid tier AOE tools yet high end gem AOE tools are everywhere. I suspect your reasoning is exactly why and it some sort of scalability needs to be introduced to fix it.


I experimented with the newbie tools at the Shop Express. I expected newbies to get the stuff. Instead all levels of players came and just bought it all at once until I priced it high enough that newbies didn’t want them any more, but the price still wasn’t high enough to sell it to seasoned players. What I didn’t try was making absolute tons of the tools so that it would be near impossible for one player to have a need for all of them. I suspect other shop owners were buying the free or discounted newbie items to resell as well.


Freebies and low-cost giveaways never seem to work as most people intend them to, I’d hazard a guess that it may be because it involves a certain amount of trust; trust that cannot exist when the seller is technically just a shop stand - the shop stand can’t possibly know who to trust. And it can’t just be about level, either - a high level player like myself could simply make an alt for the freebies even if levels restrictions could be applied.

After all, it is an MMO with a player-driven economy, so of course people are always looking to buy low and sell somewhat higher - it’s probably part of what keeps prices at certain levels and is just how MMO economy tends to work - but it’s worse that people don’t see it coming and expect everyone to be “good” about it.

I don’t honestly think a robust mechanic solution can ever be developed for this situation; the best thing to do may simply be to help people that you properly meet and get to know, since that way there is a better foundation for trusting them and for knowing that you have given your free stuff to someone who does need it. :slight_smile:


Yeah, sort of dealing with this now… going to change a few plinths into newbie help but trying to figure out a price point that will be well within the means of newbies but not worth the bother for others. I was sort of thinking that by just putting out very small amounts at a time it might help there, and they aren’t near my main store area so not right in everyone’s face.


Updated OP with @Jiivita’s video overview. Thanks :star2:


Updated OP with details of Testing 220.2.


Updated OP with details of Testing 220.3.

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