Testing 220: Chrysominter!


I did wood to iron in 1 day new to the game, solo.


for sure im more just kind of speculating bassed off of this

so if say rock only has a market vaule of 10c then the machine would only buy it for maybe 2c maybe even less depending on what % they class has significant


Yeah but rock barely sells at 1c as it is. It would sell better if there was more demand for it. Demand is what pushes item sales in a shop stand. He might have the data on his side, but I don’t think he’s looking at it for a long term solution. This coin printer doesn’t even address the game’s economic problems very well if at all. I do hope that’s something that I am wrong about.

I’ll always prefer more items and crafting recipes that require stuff you get in such great amounts as crafting material sinks. There’s a whole plethora of real world examples of things they could incorporate into the game that would take full advantage of the abundant materials a player can get. Cause the more stuff that someone can try and sell in a shop the more challenging it will be. We won’t have mega shops that try and sell everything under one roof but instead more competition between items sold in shops that are of the same category. Like tools or weapons or building materials. Even forging ingredients. Those that want to participate in the economy will have to pick and choose what they want to sell in a shop and how they want to compete. So for those that don’t want to participate in the economy would largely be unaffected since they’re gathering everything themselves anyways whether they’re solo or in a guild.


I feel like they’re adding new blocks as fast as they can. They know rock/stone is probably the most hoarded item in game and this is likely a bandaid until they can add more textures in. I have no idea what it takes to add those things into Boundless so for now I’ll take the bandaid fix and give them time to just do their thing


I think we need better solutions to the problems that this game has. Not bandaid fixes.

I kind of would like to get over these problems in the game with more permanent solutions than what we’ve been getting. That probably would go further for the game’s overall longevity. Strongly suggest the devs do that after they push out Hunter and Farming (which I hope they’re going to be in the same content patch).


I’m in total aggreance with you but maybe these are indeed bandaid fixed until they can do a thorough pass after they get more content added to the game (farming, hunter, etc).

I still think the mindset for this machine is to provide players that don’t get regular footfall a means of getting some income daily. It may be a paltry amount but many footfall locations get paltry suns just because of bad location.

I definitely see and agree with some of the concerns you lay out but given the time it will likely take to properly address things, these bandaids are the best thing they can do in the meantime.

It’s be nice if one of the team outright said what the intention behind this machine is so we can just put the argument of what’s intended to do to the side and then focus on how well it works for the problem it was created to address.


Every single major problem in this game will take time to fix. Gotta be willing to put the time into fixing them to actually fix them. That’s how problems get solved.


I agree. And if nothing else this will at least free up some space for them and us in the world. Many of us are hoarding storage blocks, shelves, and shop stands of useless junk. Yellow refined rock in my case. And we still have yet to see how much coin some of our stuff will be worth in live. .5 coin for rock salt could be a decent haul for some of us.


I am interested in how it will impact the game overall. It might be one of the catalysts that gets me back into the game more so than joining the guild I joined (still have to officially do it in game though).

There’s just so much to be desired when it comes to crafting way more things.

I seriously think ammunition (maybe in the form of augment-style approach) would really help with finding a use for some of these ingredients. Particularly if they’re able to make smart stacks for certain items much larger than 900 to help condense space in people’s inventory for highly consumable items, such as ammunition.

In fact, I think it would be nice to allow a player to choose to use some sort of weapon augment as “ammunition” if it was a cheap but small buff to the weapon and having 5 levels of the augment instead of just going to 3. It’s better than completely reworking existing weapons to require ammo in order to be used. I don’t think what we have for slingbow augments really achieves that. I think they upped individual stacks from 20 to 100. So they could easily increase it even more. I don’t really know. Wonder how many people actually use those things anyways.

Just thinking out loud at this point. I might make a mega thread about crafting material sink solutions as a discussion thread once I have something more written up in detail. I guess for now we should be grateful we’re getting bandaid fixes until something more significant is implemented. :+1:


Another home run update. Fantastic!


Without getting into too many details, can you tell us if it will be more efficient to sell raw or processed materials? If we turn rock to stone to refined stone, will we be rewarded with more coin as well as the exp in exchange for our time and the wear on our machines?


So hyped that all the hard to sell mats will actually have a use.


Will having this machine affect people donating items to request baskets. What do you think. Will players rather make quick coin below market value, instead of filling baskets and hunting for baskets to fill. I am still looking forward to this I do think it is a great idea. I love what the devs come up with. Thankyou.


If the price is fair enough to warrant running around selling to, then people will sale them to the baskets.


My personal prediction is that coin may lose a bit of value but because the coin machine is only supposed to set a very low baseline, as I understand it, it sounds unlikely that there will be a big change in current supply/demand dynamics for most items anyway.

Players that become aware of request baskets giving a decent amount of coin for an item that the minter would pay very little for, will probably just be patient and try to sell to the request baskets and only commit truly overabundant goods to the coin machine such as stone, soils and possibly wood.

In addition I personally expect that all base values in the machine are very low on purpose so as not to disrupt the economy too much when it is at its present more deflated scale. The issue there, could be if (somehow) goods values inflated back up by factors of dozens, the coin machine would likely not be worth using a lot but then that would be true of footfall and objective reward coin too. But this is all speculation on my part and so much depends on the current value of coin in itself. I’m not an economist or mathematician. :slight_smile:


I remember when I first started playing the game I would mine hundreds of blocks just to fill baskets to make coin to buy better items I couldn’t craft yet. I think this will be excellent for new players, especially if the guild has machines compactor etc, that guild members have access to use. So if you can’t afford power coils right away you can still benefit to craft machined items needed.


I think a big problem there is that there aren’t as many shops buying the amounts of straight rock as there used to be. Like you I remember first starting out and making close to 5k selling all my rocks when I got my first 2x1 “aoe” hammer. I remember @DKPuncherello was selling them in his original ultima shop before he turned it in to a mini hub due to server issues. DK was one of the few that would forge some newbie friendly “aoe” iron tools but eventually mostly everyone quit making them because the mats used to make a 2x1 ‘aoe’ iron hammer are the same mats used in gem aoe hammers. Understandably everyone switched to using their mats on the gear that yields the best profits.

This is a design, a major design, issue that I have with the forging system.

That totally separate issue aside, there game we remember starting out with isn’t the the same game new players today are starting with. The population, economy, and balance as changed a lot since then.


Silly question what is a mat.


It’s short for material. Such as Rocks, Rough Diamonds, Trunk, Sticks, Glass, etc.


Oh that makes sense now Thank you. I think I am going to open a newbie store and call it newcomers. Charge 25 coins for iron and copper tools, sell whatever I can all below 25 cents. With freebies for those starting out. Also could make coin generators and if I am friended, they get one for free.