Testing 220: Chrysominter!


Pretty sure you can feed a spark generator anything to include trunk lol. The coin machine is set to be about mid game, early game players are flush with objective money. The timeframe where that objective money runs out is where you should be able to eadily access a coin machine. Not that it would be hard to get on day one tho. Surface gather, sell, buy the mats or complete mechine, done. This is the only game where you can go from wood tools to using endgame tools in 1 hour. Also you do not need to be able to handle critters to mine xD just run, dig down and cover up.


Really all depends on your play style and what skill you think are important. I was able to go to t6 planets sub 20. Not that I could mine fast or survive the mobs but I made do. As for gold, I buy gold alloy from shops regularly at 30c. And good luck trying to sell gold ore at 50-90. I barely can sell it at 15c with forum posts and having my shop scanned.


How anyone has failed forge items is beyond me. Why would you accept an item that is not what you want from a forge instead of decon’ing and trying again till you get what you are after?


I agree, but I also didn’t have decon as part of my recipe originally. Now it’s a must have.


But you’ll quickly burn up that end game tool on a T1-T4 planet without gathering enough of anything to pay for another.


Not saying you should, just that you can. You can make stone tools and easily gather iron, gold and silver letting you quickly bootstrap to whatever level you want. I match my tools to the planet im on, T1-3 I use stone with specialized spec because I am cheap lol.


Aside from all of that, we need more crafting material sinks for base ingredients rather than a wastebin for stuff that people don’t want. Cause we already have a waste bin already, it’s the ground in the game where you can throw items onto and let the stuff despawn.

You do make a great point with Flint. When I created my weapon ideas thread a while back, I believe I mentioned something along the lines of ammunition and Flint could be used for that.

The whole point is if the game had more crafting material sinks for items, including introducing new ones, that regularly consumed stuff you pick up then that stuff would be able to hold value much better. Flint would be worth more than 1c per if it was used in some sort of ammunition crafting recipe for Slingbows and you needed it in order to use the Slingbow. These kinds of changes would be way better long term. So far, all I’ve ever seen is short term solutions and bandaid fixes that don’t even come close to addressing the root cause of the economy and that’s excluding the lack of reliable coin generation; which is another critically important topic entirely.


I do that now, and I am the rare one that has neurological damage in my arm, it can jerk and I can go anywhere, my aim is lousy most of the time I miss, some due to lousy skill and a lot due to my hand/arm jerking when I try to shot several shots.

Very few players will be as bad as I am and I’m not complaining, I l accepted years ago that many games I like and would like to play I will never be able to, that is life.

Lots of players who have quit have stated the reason is for the grinding, slow advancement and lack of coins. In the G. Mall, many of the request baskets have 0 coins in them, and I have seen gold sell there for as high as 90 coins, I don’t, but many do for the convivence, don’t realize they can get it cheaper elsewhere and/or not comfortable in using portals.

Wood to endgame tools in one hour? I’m going to check that out, I just don’t see how in one hour I could go from a wood hammer to even a iron hammer in one hour, let alone a endgame AoE tool in one hour, even get enough coins to buy a 10-15k tool.

Yeah, you can run and dig a hole. Tried that a few times on a level 5 planet when I was at level 40, spitters nailed me in no time. Heck, one time and I am at level 50 with maxed armor I walked out a portal, walked over to look at the items on a stand in the room that had a roof and a mighty cuttletrunk killed me before I could get back to the portal. Some level 30 players might, but not all and I always think of the ones who aren’t good players. They are the ones who quit and rant about how hard and unfair the game is.


That’s impossible without having the coin to purchase the tools or someone giving it to you. That’s also not actual progression so it doesn’t even count.

You also can’t go from wood to iron in 1 hour reliably as a fresh character with no outside assistance. The claim is utter nonsense.

EDIT: I should add to that I am talking in terms of a new player. A vet can do the wood to iron because of acquired game knowledge. This game’s progression curve is pretty bad to a new player.


Have you tried the stealth skill (shadow epic)? Use that with max control skill and you will have a lot easier time evading mobs. They even give u a couple seconds if you’re almost right underneath them before they attack. I think it would help you a lot in your case and make upper tier exploration a lot easier.


I’d like to know where these shops are at, I am sick and tired of running to planets to look at shops to find gold at less than 40 coins.
I do go to planets to mine, level 4 and 5 and seldom get gold, silver and have been lucky to get some gems, sapphire and topaz.

I can’t afford the fancy expensive AoE tools that cost 10k and up to go and mine. I have taken my time and enjoyed the game, I don’t and have never felt the need to rush and get to a high level to go to those higher planets, I wanted to take my time so I am just not making titanium tools and have setup a centraforge to try making my own.

I have been more than content to mine on level 4 planets and get what I need but want to get gems so need better tools and weapons. And I have the time to play. Take a player who has a full time job, family, commitments that take up their time and have only a couple hours on the weekends, they can not advance as quickly, they feel the stress and yes, pressure from posts here that they aren’t advancing as fast as they should and some have quit because of the grinding that it too much, the inability to get enough coins and many believed they could get a machine that they could make and get some quick coins. Some will be able to; many won’t and they will be upset.

Those are the players I think of, not the midlevel, not those who have the time to play and excel at MMO games. My son is one who at level 20 was going to level 3 planets, take on level 2 meteors and not die. But he goes not all players can do that. He has had the big name companies contact him and ask him to test games for them. Turned them down, many don’t get to just play the game through, they play one section over and over and over and over and . . . Talked with several who say that is what a tester does, not many get to play the full game.

Anyhow, getting off topic, I think of the ones who don’t have the time or like me struggle and how this will affect them, not those who won’t have any trouble.


I have the shadow epic and thought I had the max control, but seems I put my points elsewhere. I’m trying to think of what I can take from to put points there, but some are for my girl who is my gatherer, hunter and miner and that makes it hard to take one from another. I need the shovel and hammer epics for mining and gathering the plants and boulders to sell.

I will probably start to make my second skill page for just gathering and some hunting to be able to have it so I can go and get what I need, not put points in to the ability to mine.

I’m getting this off topic, I think the coin machine, the chrysominter, or minter as I will be thinking of it, will be hard for the low level players. That is just my opinion.


yea things like rock and maybe even wood are never going to be worth feeding it to make any coin you are going to have to feed it metals and alloys and even then if i understand the machine right if lets say silver alloy sells right now for 100c per then the machine (uncoiled) maybe 20c or 40c with max by haveing it sell for signifincanty under whatever the market rate is just makes the machine pointless and a waste of mats and space to make


I test a lot of upcoming/alpha/beta games for companies and I generally am able to play/test the majority of the game. Some that are super early in development might not allow access to all of the settings, might only have one character/species/etc though.

It is true that MMOs, RPGs, sandbox games, etc all have a sizable learning curve when compared to other genres. Depending upon how much time a player can spend on a game, it may take them longer to gain skills, achievements, etc. Some people are hardcore & will consume games at a much faster rate than others. They also risk burning out. There will pretty much always be someone faster, stronger, better, etc.

If you like playing a game, go at your own pace, do the activities that you enjoy, and ignore everyone else :wink: I would be happy to run pest control for you, the next time you go to a world that’s higher than what you’re comfortable with.


Yea i have a miner/gatherer spec and a seperate alt for hunting. Could also make it a 2nd skill set instead of an alt. I think seperating hunter and gather/miner into their own specs/alts will make you a lot more efficient. But everyone has different playstyles so up to you of course.

Back on topic myself, i’ll definitely use the coin machine but I cant justify wasting the new blocks on coils for a very small gain. 40% max bonus fully coiled is insane. I guess thats the point though.


ikr…how long until the machine pays for itself :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


FWIW I never have enough flint. I buy it routinely, when I decide to craft


unless you feed if advanced power coils and AOE gem tools i have no idea if it would ever pay with how much refined exo mats it wants


Here’s a list of some of them. There used to be one on till I visit too. But maybe they just haven’t had their shop scanned yet.


I wouldn’t go off any values you see on the testing server. They’re completely irrelevant and meaningless for the most part.

The problem with this machine is… it’s meant to get rid of “garbage” items that a person doesn’t want for a tiny bit of coin. So instead of just throwing them away or minting them, it would have been a better idea to create more items that can be made out of them. Poles and beams were a good start but those were just a couple things. For things like rocks and wood, you need a multitude of crafting material sinks so that they can retain selling value, even if that retained value is 1c. So if they retain their value, they’ll sell through more and that means coin that is being spent on them has more coin velocity in the economy. That’s crucial.

If we had the ability to create a variety of different statues through crafting statue blocks that would transform into something (just like the multi-part machines do) then I think that could have been a good way to create a crafting material sink, strengthen building more, and provide something for shop owners to sell that uses those base materials.

They didn’t. Instead we got a trash can. :man_facepalming: