Testing 222 un-chisel boon not listed in tool-tip


There’s no indication in the tool-tip that the boon is present o.o
might be a bit confusing for shop keeps and shoppers alike…



I saw a screenshot of a spanner which supposedly has the auto closer boon but wasn’t visible in this list either…


Thanks @Jiivita, I’ve added this to the bug database.

The one called Auto Door in game or something like that?


Yup… it only lists the negative durability. It says nothing about the effect it has on Doors.


Got the fix in for this, will be in the next testing update!


sweet! something else i’m noticing is that the buff bombs are retaining their knock back effects… or at least the diamond bombs are knocking me around when i use them on myself… >.> I would hate to see players being knocked off cliffs by other players again in the name of buffs O.o


Already been fixed over the weekend, just need a new build up!


lol another thing… i’ve been testing the durability drain for the “Hard As Nails Buff” it seems that each hit removes 2 durability for rank 3 of the boon, so im forging a rank 1 version to see if it drains at the same rate…

However i had a peak at the game files while i’m waiting on the forge… and the files seem to suggest that ALL ranks should only be draining 1 durability per hit… is this bug or am I simply misinterpreting the file?

Hard As Nails 2 Buff Bugs

Hmm… when forging this was listed as rank one… however the tool tip now says it’s rank 2 of the hard as nails buff…

Edit: made a short to show this…