Testing 224 - Combustion Fraction [Plant]

Highest number I have had after update 224.1(or how to call it) on inorganic fuels:
Seed 1.260
Yield 1.600


WAAAAAAT. . I will have to go check ASAP

Edit: I have the same on my optimized inorganics (1.26), but sadly my organics are still maxed at .67.

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Seed yields should still be < 1. If any are > 1 then it’s not intended.

I can see the mistake and this will be fixed in the next update.

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Darn. Oh well.

All crops have 8 stages but different tick chance.
In case of slow crops tick chance is low and statistically the lower the chance the more fails happens throughout the field of crops causing wider distribution of results.

Also, if you used fertiliser, that created even more differences over time, since it has a chance to expire with every crop tick roll. Some crops only work with fertiliser for an hour, other stay fertilised for a day. That creates bigger differences in growth speed.


Should each failed tick then increase the chance of the next tick being successful?

This then may result in a more consistent growth, without complete uniformity.


Crop starts with 10% chance to tick
Increases to 15%
Increases to 20%
Back to 10%

As I can see for crops that take longer there is a greater chance for some just not to progress at all!

@lucadeltodecso or would this also take up too many bits per crop?

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That’s the same thing discussed in that other thread. You’d have to keep count of the failed growth attemts.


Lava has to be on the same level. Chisel the corruption to half slab and fill the free half with lava.
Also make sure that there is no rough rock on the same level, even behind the walls upto 3 blocks from your seeds, otherwise it gives you negative effect.
then you shall get the max


This was fixed in todays’ patch.

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You guys dialing in the yield metrics are doing awesome work. Not all heroes wear capes.


and not all wearing capes are heroes


Very true


He was a hero to the Empire.


Thanks for the info. How do you put lava in a chiseled block though? I mean no 2 blocks can occupy the same space (unless it flows down from somewhere).

Does the same apply to water (has to be on the same level with other plants)? Also, why up to 3 blocks? Is that how near “near” is to the game? :thinking:

If you chisel a channel in the ground you can place a liquid source block into it so effectively 2 different blocks are occupying the same space. If the channel goes across a few blocks you will see the liquid flow from one to the other.


Here are few screenshots of numbers before testing update and distance from rock so values are now different. I did square chisel to corruption, so there is no chance to get damage from lava.

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Thats weird. I got consistent results. Your pics show that the one farthest from the lava/corruption has the best percentages.

Update: Ok so after the recent update, i am getting these values ( i believe i have an optimal setup ) for Combustion kernels and Kindling kernels:
Seed-chance: 0.510
Yield-chance: 1.600

Everyone got the same? If yes, now to find the most space-efficient setup. Maybe even 2 layers within the same plot just for the sake of it xD

Edit: Got only 1 plot to make a little farm? Worry not - here’s how it would look like (total 88 seeds) xD.


Thanks @Kal-El for the inspiration (with the diagram). If i were to expand this to several plots though, I’d build it with 1 lava line - 3 gravel - 1 lava - 3 gravel (this way the pattern continues across several plots). Anyway, this is how a 2-layer 1-plot farm would look like with some lava guards (refined gold). Some gravel blocks on the periphery had lower percentages so i placed some individual bitumens to increase their percentages (as can be seen in the pics). Some STILL retained a slightly lower percentage than the rest while others got full percentages. I still yet have to find why.

Highest percentages: Seed and yield 0.510 and 1.600, respectively. Lowest percentages: 0.500 and 1.575 respectively (3 blocks only had these percentages).

Yes, those are old values before update when those plants didn’t like rock 3 block diameter. James did tell that some seed gain values are broken after that update.

I did not test after the update, but before, you needed to have the complete line full of lava/corruption, to get bonus for the seeds furthest from it.

I think this didn’t change.