Testing 224 - Combustion Fraction [Plant]

Its a complete line. Lava flow isn’t showing in the pic.

Highest seed-chance I’m getting after update and just made the farm is 0.510 that’s with corruption chiseled and lava on top and 4 rows of gravel and another row of corruption with lava on top

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Bear in mind combustion plant has a base seed chance of 24%, that’s probably not displayed in the debug info?

I just added gleam light. Since it states that combustion fraction kernal likes gleam light and the stats didn’t change still showing.

Growth scale: 100%
Seed scale: 0.510
Yield chance: 1.600

Shouldn’t the stats have increased with the added gleam light?

So the screeny I posted above, 4 days ago, none of those plants have grown at all.
They’re sitting at 0.510 and 1.6, seed and yield respectively, and 100% growth rate.

However in another little test area, there’s some fraction plants that have fully grown with barely any yields at all. Just 0.01 and 0.025.

What on earth is going on :stuck_out_tongue:

Realised I have a gleam lantern above the screenshot layout…is that it?!

Most likely, yes - If you replace it with normal Gleam (or refined) it should grow fine.

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So are gleam lanterns of no use for farming?




This seems to suggest “gleam-lanterns” are ok for farming … could a Dev please confirm one way or the other?

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new block-lighting tests (intensity values, and scaling between black/white ends up to balance still)

gleam lanterns, refined gleam, gleam, gleam poles.
color index 1 to 255 across
bottom half of each is the “gleamlight” they provide for crops (roughly equal to the luminance of the rgb blocklighting so white gleam is better for farming than black gleam of course)


Ooo so gleam poles can be used for crop growth as well. Nice. Might make for some interesting builds by those creative people.

Does a brighter light make them grow faster, or just the distance it projects that light to so you need more frequent dim lights?

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the crop growth has thresholds for lighting, not enough = wont grow, more than a certain amount = normal growth, and inbetween the growth time scales.

for gleamlight, the values are set up currently so that about 3m away from a white gleam lantern you get full growth still, but the poles are so dark that even right next to the crop itd still have slow growth (but it “would” grow.)

the hud details on crops in next release will show eta on crop growth so can evaluate the lighting conditions being good or not.


Interesting :thinking: Trying not to be a party pooper but doesn’t that limit the creativity a bit, you have to use white light to be efficient.

On normal crops that can survive on sunlight, does artificial light still benefit them so they grow during the night too? Or is the surface considered to be always lit?


day/night cycle has no effect, and no, gleam has no effect if there is enough “sunlight” already, its only for indoor organic farming / inorganic farming.


its not “just” white; any “luminous”, "cold’’ or “crisp” color also has the same luminance as white, these are:

Luminous Violet
Cold Berry
Luminous Blue
Luminous Azure
Cold Slate
Luminous Slate
Crisp Yellow
Crisp Lime
Luminous Moss
Luminous Green
Crisp Green
Cold Lime
Cold Viridian
Cold Teal
Crisp Teal
Luminous Viridian
Luminous Turquoise
Luminous Tan
Crisp Tan
Cold Tan
Luminous Taupe
Luminous Red
Luminous Yellow


edit: This sounds ironic now that I read what @GreyArt247 did :sweat_smile:

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Oops, it looks like I recently just wasted a whole load of glowing lamella making some bright blue gleam lanterns in preparation for farming… that’ll teach me … I think I’d better just wait until the update is actually released and then add a bit more time on to gather all the facts before I waste any more time and resources :neutral_face: