Since early in the game I decided to light spaces by putting gleam blocks in the floor, almost like a chessboard.

I’m wondering what other ways peeps are lighting their spaces. Feel free to post screen shots or share locations to check out. I’m not going for super bright but prefer well lite surroundings.

Anyways, thanks.


Funnily enough, I’m about to start a whole endeavour on lighting, and different ways to do it.

Separately, I’ve made the RGB Room in the basement of the Boundless School … to demonstrate what you can do with a few lights. :slight_smile:


Just down the corridor from there, is a room to show how far light will travel down a white plain glass block run from a few blocks of green gleam.

For me, though, I like to light places with with hidden lights.

I’ll put a couple of images here, if I can find them. :slight_smile: OK … I think I’ve posted these before … they’re nothing special, but indicative of how I tend to light things:

This will be my local shop on Sochaltin I:

And this is one of my personal tunnels:

Neither have a visible light source.


So, when I started out, and when I don’t have any good ideas, I just to floaty gleam lantern crystals regularly. For anyone who doesn’t know, you use a chisel forged with lattice and then bevel all six sides off.

I used the same crystals and a noise generator to get this starry ceiling

Last one of the simple crystals, I’m embedding them in the crook of some twisty trees I’m building with.

That matches the same theme as this:

The next one is this neon style workshop lighting. I’ve seen similar for grow lamps above inorganic crops as well. These are lattice chiseled as well, but leaving two sides up. The metal ballasts are latticed twice and then square chiseled. The lights are latticed three times and bevel chiseled.

Similar neon lighting, but vertical.

Glowy and industrial

It’s an uncommon need, but if you are doing signs, obvious lighting isn’t bad, so I did more of the crystals here. You can also see some tiny floaty ceiling crystals around. In this building, those are usually not noticeable because of weather.

I’d get a shot with weather, but it’s not cooperating with me.

In my basement, I use these stalactite lights. Lattice chiseled igneous brick in decreasing size and then gleam lanterns.

Machines got in the way so this got weird, don’t do it. Plan ahead better!

These top level spikes like this work unexpectedly well. Because your character’s ‘eyes adjust’ to what you are looking at, the spikes up high like this don’t affect your brightness like something more in view would. I’m using white gleam lanterns here so that you can properly see the colors involved.
This is what you get when you are actually looking at the storage.

Weird chest level light spikes for the opposite of what I just described.

I think that’s all the different lighting stuff I’ve tried. If you want to see in-game, most of this is at Serenity Lodge via TNT Raxxa.


I’m doing experiments with light on the daily, but if it’s already known, I’d love to know what the brightest light sources are, in game, and if there’s an ability to combine some light sources, augment, them, and more.


Something I’ve been working on for a while now, but don’t really know how to finish the build.


that looks pretty cool. Mind sharing where I can come take a look?

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Correct me if im wrong but a white gleam lantern could be the brightest light block.


In order of brightest to least bright I believe it’s white then luminous then cold and then I’m not sure, but I’m pretty sure I tested distance based on the color modifier. I know some of the darker colors barely light up even in lantern form.

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Well, I have a gleam light test chamber, I suppose I could actually use it properly.


FWIW, I wasn’t just talking about gleam light. But this is all useful. :slight_smile:

Thanks, folks.

I found this information from a testing thread. I don’t know if anything changed after this, but I don’t think so, it seems to line up with what I’ve seen in game.

I know I’m doing some light necromancy, but this is some very fancy information I wanted to share.


There is also the color grid that has that info on it in a more condensed form

Im assuming that the L = 90 is luminance = 90%


Nice, I haven’t seen this one! Thanks!

oh an there i go botching up the original image, thinking i was slick, i edited updated it, this is a link to the spread sheet though its the exact same data


White gleam lantern is the brightest of the white ^^ but as you added its not the only color that is the brightest.
Should keep in mind deco gleam falls between the lantern and refined I believe.
(At least it seams so with the dark orange im using. Lantern to “bright” and refined to “dark”)


This is all excellently useful.

Should help with regards to dispersion of light through white glass. :+1: